CIANiggers are Torturing a Cute Russian Chick RN

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
August 18, 2018

According to the report, she’s not being allowed to sleep.

Sleep deprivation is torture.

Fuck, I just get mad even thinking about what these kikes are doing.


Butina is being denied walks outdoors, and is strip searched after every visit with lawyers, embassy staff, and acquaintances. Butina is allegedly subjected to night checks every 15 minutes, a practice usually reserved for suicidal prisoners.

“There are attempts to break her will,” the embassy said, and announced that it would be sending an official complaint to the US State Department over Butina’s treatment in jail.

Butina is allegedly being denied letters in her native Russian, as her jailers think they might contain “coded messages.” Embassy staff say that she has not been provided with an interpreter.

On an earlier visit, embassy staff raised concern that Butina was being denied proper medical care. This time, the situation is apparently much the same. A painful swelling on Butina’s leg – a result of her cell’s cold temperature – has not been treated, and the jailed activist is given only painkillers. 

Thank God the Russian MFA is actually raising a stink about this. Cuz Russian shitlib civil society don’t give a single solitary flying fuck.

The thing is… most spies get swapped out.

And I seriously doubt she’s a spy. Like I said, countries usually just swap spies that get caught, wave their fingers at each other and send more spies.

Idk what the new spy paradigm even is nowadays though. There are no competing ideologies and privacy is a thing of the past.

They’re just trying to extract a false confession from her, maybe get her to admit that Donald Trump is a KGB spy or something.

Mildly alarming news… the slip into police state status of the US, even under Trump’s reign… well it’s something to behold.