Civic Nationalists Rejoice! Denmark Bans the Burka

Michael Byron
Daily Stormer
June 1, 2018

Denmark is treading on dangerous ground here.

Once Sweden finds out that Swedish women are banned from visiting Copenhagen while dressed in their favorite garb, there’s gonna be trucks of peace friggin’ everywhere.


The traditional Islamic burqa and niqab veils have been banned in Denmark after a majority vote in the country’s parliament.

In a 75-30 vote with 74 absentees on Thursday, Danish lawmakers approved the law. The Danish government says it is not aimed at any religions and does not ban headscarves, turbans or the traditional Jewish skull cap, AP reports.

During the weeks-long parliamentary procedure of the bill, the government removed a provision allowing prison sentences as potential punishment for breaking the new law. Financial penalties will instead be enforced against those who infringe on the new legislation.

Those found violating it will receive a 1,000 Krone (£119/$166) fine which could increase to as much as £900/$1,257 for repeat offenders. Anyone forcing a person to wear garments covering the face by using force or threats can be fined or face up to two years in prison.

Unlike the Austrian burqa ban, which prohibits all facial coverings including Halloween costumes, the Danish ban will have a limited number of exceptions including those using scarves to protect their faces from cold and people dressed up in costume.

So, Denmark has joined the small but growing list of European countries – Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Germany – that banned the burka and, in consequence, transformed into multicultural utopias free from bombings, machete attacks and nationwide rape gangs.

Oh wait, no, those countries have gotten even worse since their burka bans. :DD

Probably because they’re still infested with Moslems. :DDDD

Seriously, could there be a greater act of political masturbation than a burka ban?

The pattern is always the same:

  • Politicians let Moslems live in European countries because it’s sad that they’re brown
  • Moslems start hajiing up the place because they’re aware that they’re members of an invading tribe
  • Politicians attempt to “integrate” the Moslems by banning something that native Europeans find weird and alienating
  • Progression of the caliphate continues unabated because the root problem persists

Obviously, I don’t want Moslems in Europe. I believe that these inbred, camel-faced monsters should be forced to leave the continent with nothing but the towels on their heads, and the ones that refuse to leave should be executed on the spot by terrifying-looking supersoldiers that resemble the Ultramarines from Warhammer 40k.

But since that’s not a viable option right now, I want kebabesses in Europe to keep wearing their ninja suits precisely because they discourage “integration” (which is, and always has been, a codeword for miscegenation).

Let us pause for a moment and reflect upon how much we hate Albania.

So fuck these burka bans and other McLaws that only civic nationalists would be dumb enough to celebrate. If you’re not going to exterminate or at least expel the hajis from your nation, then don’t bother doing anything at all.

Stop wasting our time.