Clapper Admits “17 Intelligence Agencies” was a Hoax – 3 Intelligence Agencies Only!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 7, 2017

Frumpy James Clapper AKA Frumpy Jim AKA Frapper has admitted on CNN’s The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer that the claim of “17 intelligence agencies” agreeing that Russia “hacked the election” was a hoax.

Instead, it was three – or I guess perhaps maybe four, if you include the Director of National Intelligence – that agreed on “Russia hacking,” and even that wasn’t “Russia did Wikileaks.”

This is as CNN and people like James Clapper are doing their best to distance themselves from this absolutely nonsensical hoaxsteria that they foisted on the American people for months (with a brief intermission between the Syria strike and the firing of James Comey).

Both the media establishment and the government establishment are struggling to regain some tidbit of credibility after having totally hoaxed the people so viciously and brutally with these stupid lies.

The kike-dyke Rachel Maddow is now trying to blame this hoax they promoted on a conspiracy against them.

Honestly, they have no choice but to blame someone.

Clapper says he doesn’t know where the “17 intelligence agencies” claim came from – of course he does know, we all know – it came from the New York Times AKA the Jewish Times of New York. It was repeated by all media. And even as everything seemed to be leaking out, no leak saying that this was false was ever released. And no intelligence agencies came out to be like “uh, actually we didn’t say that.”

Meaning that the media and the intelligence agencies have been caught working together to hoax the people.

The Dawn of Another Age

Right now, Trump has finally made it to the starting line.

He is now able to operate without this hanging over him.

His first move was to meet with Vladimir Putin.

A recent poll on the Daily Stormer showed that while a majority of readers are behind Trump, a significant portion are torn on the issue.

Personally, I don’t think that anything that happened before right now in Trump’s Presidency can be considered of high relevance. He was always drowning under this hoax.

It is now that we are going to see what he actually does. And so far, it is looking very, very good.