Clarification: No, Estonia Isn’t Russia. But Neither is She Brussels.

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 22, 2014


Earlier today, I wrote a piece which mentioned Russia’s comments about Estonia possibly mistreating its Russian minority.  In this, I featured a picture of an Orthodox church in Estonia, with the caption “Estonia is Russia.”  This was meant to be sarcastic, but was taken as serious by some readers, and that is my fault.

Though many readers tend to be on the same wavelength as me, understanding the difference between sarcasm and seriousness, all are not and should not be expected to be, and thus I need to be consciously more careful. Perhaps I have never said this here, but I studied literature in college, and had, in my teenage years, planned on becoming a novelist.  Incorporating creative elements into my writing here is, I believe, a large part of what has made the Daily Stormer so overwhelmingly popular, but I must make a priority of ensuring that style does not smother content.

Now, clarification is necessary.  Perhaps even overdue.

The Situation on the Ground Running

Presently, we have a situation where the smaller nations of Europe are being administered from Brussels, which effectively amounts to being administered by America.  And being administered by America, one is being administered by the Jews.

These nations have generally been a part of various European empires for more than a thousand years.  There is nothing necessarily wrong with this.  What there is something wrong with is being a part of the American Empire, which is completely run by Jews.

As such, I support Eastern European nations turning to Russia as their administrative economic pole, as Russia is not fully controlled by Jews and is in the process of reverting to a traditionalist framework for itself and its protectorates.

When administered economically by America, nations are forced to adopt policies of the Jews.  These policies not only include corrosive economic doctrine, but also clear principles, or lack thereof, on the management of the social order.  Using American entertainment media as a pry-bar, the Western Jewish system manipulates countries under its economic influence into disregarding the Christian conception of man as spiritual being and a link in a chain of tradition and blood heritage and embracing the nihilistic liberal conception of man as material being which exists to serve his own base drives.  Thus, with Americanism comes Atheism, sexual liberation, abortion, homosexuality, cultural death and a tendency to measure the value of a man by his capacity to acquire material wealth.

Russia, having risen like the Phoenix from the ashes of the communist era is in the process of assuming the role of a new Byzantium, based on the Christian conception of man.  It is thus that I would wholly prefer that any European nation be economically tied to Russia rather than Brussels.

These things which have not yet come to pass.
These things which have not yet come to pass.

The third option, which appears to be the favorite fantasy of many would-be nationalists, is that every country should exist in some type of vacuum, tied to neither the EU or Russia.  This is, quite frankly, nonviable in basic practical terms.  Again, none of these nations has existed in such a form since the end of the Roman Era, before the modern conception of a nation existed.  Even then, they existed in a nigh constant state of warfare, which is presumably undesirable at this juncture.

Hitler’s conception was that of a Christian European Reich, an empire wherein all nations, while determining their own internal affairs, looked to Berlin as both a moral and economic compass.  Though it is perhaps strange that Moscow is now the center of traditional European ideals, it has come to be so.  Perhaps, the Eternal God is not without humor in guiding the direction of the realms of men.

I have come to believe that Vladimir Putin is designing a Eurasian Union to counter the corrupt and decaying system of the Jewish-dominated West.  God willing, this can become a new Byzantium, wherein a remnant of the European man may find continuance.

There will be two sides.  Those who wish to embrace the materialist system of Western death, and those who choose the path of salvation, embracing the the Fire of the East.  As the liberal fantasy of peaceful resolutions has been ceaselessly proven to be a delusion, I will not suppose that this conflict will be settled without force.  Those who wish to be consumed by the death drive, embracing Western decadence, are a physical threat, and I shall not regret it if and when they are physically subdued.

A Vicious Plot of Landing on the Back

I cannot see the Jewish scheme of using a desire for positive nationalism as a weapon of negative internationalism as anything other than brilliant, though the execution of it was less so.

Ukrainian nationalists, led by the pied piping of that most abominable of peoples, have embraced a fantasy wherein their ethnic identity can in itself be sufficient in maintaining their physical existence.  Their nationalist revolution was nothing other than a Jewish takeover, as we see in the fact that they have installed a government of Jews which seeks only to remove them from Russia and attach them to the Western system of death.  The Ukraine existing as a purely independent nation was never possible, even if it were desirable.  Like all peoples of Europe, its existence is tied to open cultural and economic relations with an existing power bloc.

Clearly, under the wing of the EU, the people have significantly less ability to determine their own destiny and preserve their unique being than under the protection of Russia.  The Jews have promoted a fantastic delusion, in which a people which has never been purely independent could become independent in a period of history when interdependence is more unavoidable than it ever has been.  They have emptied their canteen while running for the mirage of an oasis, and if Russia does not use force to reverse this move, they will die in the desert.  As it appears that Russia will not help those who do not wish to help themselves, the supposed neo-Nazis of the Ukraine have doomed themselves to a future of gay sex and unlimited Islamic immigration.

Their boys shall be indoctrinated into homosexualism, and their girls shall be raped on the streets by the subhuman hordes, and the Jews will be able to stand afar and say that they asked for it.

The new face of Jewish revolution.
The new face of Jewish revolution.

This program, used in the Ukraine, has worked fantastically.  It was poorly managed, but the effect has been achieved nonetheless.  The Ukraine is no longer allied with the Russian Federation, and is now effectively under the control of the West, via their proxies Right Sector and the new usurper Maidan government.  The Jews will now proceed to implement this model in Moldova.  It may also be that such a strategy will be used against Chinese dominance in Southeast Asia, though this is a topic for another day.

The Baltic states, upon which this discussion began, have already been absorbed by the West, and so it is up to Russia to either attempt to reclaim them or not.  I do not believe, at present, that there is any will in Russia to invade the Baltic, or any other nation for that matter.  This would only be desirable if war broke out, in which case Russia would need to secure as much territory as possible, in the manner that Hitler did.

It is only in the context of open war that I would support an invasion of the Baltic. At that point, the lines will have been drawn, and all with eyes to see shall know what side they are on.

Vladimir Putin as Man and His Myths

Presently, I view Vladimir Putin as a man whose principles are mainly pragmatic.  However, within his personality is the capacity for greatness, and this greatness may or may not manifest itself under the pressure which will continue to build.

What I see for certain is that he cares about leaving a legacy for future generations, to be remembered as a man who stood proudly in defense of his people.  Presently, that is the extent of it.  Though this in itself is something we have not seen in quite some time.

He is not going to allow the Jewish West to absorb Russia into neoapocalyptic nightmare.  If the West pushes him, he has shown that he will push back, and if they push hard, he will push harder.  In this, if he remains vigilant, he cannot do anything other than become the Avatar of Europa, as the only possible victory will be in taking Berlin.

Every ending contains within it a new beginning.
Every ending contains within it a new beginning.

If the West does not push for war with Russia, this process of Islamification will simply destroy Western Europe, and Russia will abide, perhaps saving parts of the East and willingly aligning with any nation which has preserved itself.

It has always been that the evil exists so that the good may rise above it.  And this is exactly where we all are now: surrounded by evil, and trying to rise above.

The micro will continue to reflect the macro, and vise versa.

Glory Bound on a Nonstop Ride to the Rebirth of Mankind

The War has already begun.  In fact, it never ended.  It was always us versus them.

History is alive again, and the future is unwritten.

The Greatest Show on Earth has begun, and the motion will not cease until this darkest night it is finished and over and the Dawn breaks.

We all have a role to play if we choose to do so.  And decision time is now.

Things are moving fast now, and they will move faster.

The sky will open up and we will see ourselves as who we really are.

You will see a man carrying a jug of water.  Follow him, and he will lead you to a room upstairs, where you shall make preparations for the things which are to come.

There's a Storm coming, White Man...
There’s a Storm coming, White Man…'d better know what pack you hail.
…you’d better know what pack you hail.