Cleveland: Black Cop Urinates on 12-Year-Old Girl Waiting at Bus Stop! Films It!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 24, 2019

Notice that the racist media is not saying the race of the girl who was urinated on.

I’m gonna go ahead and bet that it’s a white girl and that this oppressed black officer only urinated on her because she called him a racist word such as “nigger” or “eggplant.”

This is basically a reverse Michael Brown, with the cop as the victim of a civilian – because he’s black.

Global News:

An officer with the Cleveland Police Department has been accused of urinating on a 12-year-old girl and capturing it on video after an alleged failed kidnapping attempt.

The incident happened on Friday, Aug. 16, in the Cleveland suburb of Euclid, Ohio. The officer was off duty at the time.

The girl was waiting for a bus when a man pulled up in his car and offered her a ride to school, according to a news release from the Cuyahoga County Prosecutor’s Office. The girl declined and the suspect drove away.

He returned a minute later, approached the girl on foot, exposed himself and began urinating on her while appearing to record the incident on his cellphone, the prosecutor’s office said. The suspect then returned to his car and drove away.

Officer Solomon Nhiwatiwa, 34, faces eight charges in connection with the incident. The five-year veteran of the Cleveland Police Department turned himself in on Tuesday and remains in custody, the prosecutor’s office said.

“These actions are impossible to comprehend,” Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Michael C. O’Malley said in a statement. “My office will hold him accountable and ensure that he never holds the position of police officer again.”

Michael O’Malley?

White racist skinhead (possible mass shooter in waiting).

Here’s a picture of him thinking the n-word:

The fact is, if white people were not so filled with skin-hatred, blacks would have no need to go around urinating on 12-year-olds.

As long as the oppression continues, we can expect this golden justice juice to keep flowing onto children at the bus stop.

It’s time for people such as Pete Buttigieg to speak out in support of the #FreeNhiwatiwa campaign.

Just look at Nhiwatiwa’s poor mother, worried sick about her innocent son, imprisoned because of the color of his skin.

Is there no kindness or caring left in this brutal land of white supremacy?