CNN Admits to More Racist Photos From Northham’s Medical Yearbook Featuring Other People

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 4, 2019

Days after the initial blackface Ralph Northam yearbook photo scandal broke, CNN finally found time to flip through the rest of the Northham yearbook, and found more racist imagery.


On Sunday, CNN found more racist and objectionable images in the book. None of them appear to show Northam.

On page 10 of the yearbook, a photo shows a man dressed up like a woman in a lowcut white dress, pearls, a black wig and blackface. Next to the photo is the caption, “‘Baby Love’, who ever thought Diana Ross would make it to medical school” — an apparent reference to the lead singer of the Supremes, a Motown singing group made up of three black women. A woman behind him is wearing a hat as if she is dressed like a witch. The photo is on a page full of photos of other student outings and parties.

Later in the yearbook, in a section devoted to student personal pages, a photo of three men with their faces blackened wearing white dresses, white gloves, pearls and wigs appears. That photo appears on the page before Northam’s personal page. It is surrounded by other photos of this student at school and has no captions.

On page 34, the pharmacology page, a photo of a white man, not in blackface, shows him holding a coffee mug bearing the words, “We can’t get fired! Slaves have to be sold.”

On page 10, there’s also a photo of a man groping a mannequin with the words “I try never to divulge my true feelings while examining my patients.”

CNN is not publishing the images, pending comment or confirmation from the individuals pictured.

If you’ll recall, CNN was the one that broke the scandal of the first photo.

What exactly is going on here?

Are we to believe that it took them days to flip through the yearbook and find these other images?

Because I do not believe that.

If the entire school was just a totally racist KKK-fest, then what exactly does that mean?

Does that make Northam more guilty or less guilty?

Why was this information not released with the initial image?

Can someone maybe do research on more yearbooks from 1984 and see how common this was?