CNN Says Ocasio Can’t be the Leader of the Democrats Because of the Jews

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 20, 2018

So the Democrat base is seriously moving to crown Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez queen of the Democrat Party, basically because she’s the only “face” the party has.

The 28-year-old latinx bartender became a face when she unseated a ten term New York Congressman by posting on Twitter and everyone was like “huh. ain’t that a thing.”

While apparently the party is in such utter disarray that they would be willing to just hand over control to this brown-skinned female, they can’t because she hates kikes.

Chris Cillizza, CNN Editor-at-large, doesn’t want to crash anyone’s party but he has to make it clear to the plebs that no, they can’t be led by someone who questions the Jewish right to slaughter Palestinians like rats and steal their land.

He writes for CNN:

Since her massive upset victory over New York Democratic Rep. Joe Crowley last month, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been touted as the fastest-rising star in the Democratic firmament. Potential 2020 presidential contenders seized on her victory as a sign that unapologetic liberalism is where the party is headed. Suddenly would-be national candidates were falling all over themselves to call to abolish ICE. Think pieces over What It All Means — including in this space — were launched.

The problem is that, prior to June 27, almost no one outside of New York’s 14th District knew who she was. And that, in the following month, very few people who fully embraced her have really done any sort of deep dive into what all she believes.

Which leads to moments like this one, which occurred during an interview with Margaret Hoover for PBS’ “Firing Line” in which Ocasio-Cortez gets herself into trouble when she starts talking about the Middle East and referring to Israelis who have settled in the West Bank as occupiers of Palestine. Hoover follows up, smartly, and Ocasio-Cortez begins to talk about an increase in settlements that makes it more difficult for Palestinians to access “their housing.”

This tendency to conflate the newest thing with the best thing is always stronger in the party out of power at any given time in Washington. Democrats are out of the White House and in the minority in the House and Senate. They are desperately seeking a savior — and Ocasio-Cortez, for some, fits that bill.

Cillizza added, “I, like all red-blooded Americans, desperately want to fuck Ocasio and make her ree like a donkey as she exposes those big, beautiful donkey teeth, but we must first think of God’s Chosen People.”

You most certainly cannot have a person saying things like “Palestinian housing” having any control whatsoever in the Democrat Party.

This is the party of the Jew.

Just because she looks like a donkey doesn’t mean she can be the mascot of the party with the donkey mascot.

The thing here is… this whole thing is very rapidly spinning out of control.

Alexandria was able to push the the “abolish ICE” meme into the mainstream of the party.

The Democrats don’t understand what their base even is, and so anyone can just walk in and take over certain elements of the party.

Trolls could easily win elections campaigning on outlawing gender-segregated bathrooms or free mansions and race cars for all nonwhites or whatever thing.

Basically, they’ve hit Poe’s Law.