Coalburner Murders Her Monkey Husband

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
February 14, 2018

Aundra Gammon.

She must have realized her mistake and wanted to atone for her stupidity.

The Ledger:

Sherri Fugate Gammons, who faced up to life in prison had she gone to trial this week on charges of first-degree murder, has pleaded guilty to a lesser second-degree murder charge in exchange for a 35-year prison sentence.

Gammons, 47, was charged with fatally shooting her ex-husband, 56-year-old Aundra Gammons, whose body was found Aug. 26, 2015, in the yard of the home they shared in Bartow. An autopsy would show a single gunshot had pierced his heart and left lung, according to Polk County Sheriff’s Office reports.

Sherri Gammons.

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