Cohen’s Entire Testimony Refutes the Claims Made by Jews with Regards to the Russian Kookspiracy

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 1, 2019

At his hearing before Congress this week, the Jew Michael Cohen dispelled many of the claims that the Jewish media and the various intelligence agencies have been making for years.

Note that he didn’t have any reason to lie about any of these particular issues. He is at the Congress for the purpose of harming Donald Trump, something he has made very clear for months now.

  • Cohen has never been to Prague – The media and former CIA chief John Brennan claimed that Cohen had a secret meeting with the KGB in Prague to do some kind of unclear conspiracy. You’d think John Brennan would have known either way, since he was CIA at the time. But he kept saying he suspected it. That is false.
  • Cohen is not aware of any material that could subject Trump to blackmail, knows nothing of hooker tapes, has no reason to believe such a tape exists – The pissgate dossier, which made the claim that there is a Donald Trump urine sex tape with hookers filmed in a Moscow hotel, is the entire basis of the FISA warrant to spy on Trump before the election, and then the entire basis of the appointment of the Mueller special counsel. Michael Cohen knows nothing of this.
  • Cohen has no knowledge of collusion with Russia – You’d think he’d know, wouldn’t he? He says he knows absolutely nothing about that. This is the basis of the entire thing. This entire stupid, endless saga.
  • Cohen was never directed by Trump to lie – This was the other potentially criminal allegation against Trump, which was reported by the very respected website “Buzzfeed.” It was already thrown out as having been fabricated, but the journalists who wrote it continued to stand by it. Now we have Cohen on record confirming it wasn’t true.

This entire hearing seems to have been a total condemnation of the entire agenda against Trump.

Kinda weird the Democrats decided to bring him out, just to call him a racist and a scumbag and all that.