Colored Chap Shoots Mudshark After “Domestic Argument” in Florida Walmart

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
November 30, 2018

David Perry Johnson and Carli Cronin.

I’ve begun to notice that white women who sleep with blacks tend to have names that spell checkers underline in red.

I’m not saying that weird or misspelled names are a bulletproof way to detect a coalburner, I’m just saying…

It’s a thing.

Ocala News:

The Ocala Police Department has identified the woman killed in a shooting at the Silver Springs Boulevard Wal-Mart as 30-year-old Carli Cronin. And the man police claim shot her in the store on Saturday afternoon has been identified as 54-year-old David Perry Johnson.

Police say Johnson fled the scene after the shooting and was later located at his residence in the 6000 block of NE 35th Street suffering from a self-inflicted gunshot would. He was transported to a local hospital and isn’t expected to survive, an Ocala Police Department report states.

The shooting took place early Saturday afternoon in an incident that started as a domestic argument in the store’s garden center area. Once inside the store, Cronin screamed for help and Wal-Mart personnel attempted to intervene and called 911.

Then Johnson allegedly shot her and fled from the store, police say, adding that there were no other shooting victims.

Units from Ocala Fire Rescue also were dispatched to the incident. Paramedics from that department, as well as Marion County Fire Rescue, provided treatment to Cronin, who was transported to Ocala Regional Medical Center and pronounced dead.