Colored Person Abuses Innocent Pupper – Kills White Man Who Tried to Stop It

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
August 5, 2018

Donavous Jerome Drennon.

Try not to risk your life for puppers.

I know it’s hard… just don’t do it.


Robert Wilson, 37, was shot and killed Friday night in Smyrna after attempting to stop the abuse of a Yorkshire Terrier puppy outside his hotel room.

A warrant has been issued for a suspect in the shooting, who Smyrna police said remained at large and considered armed and dangerous Monday afternoon.

Donavous Jerome Drennon, 35, was named in the criminal homicide warrant. A second man, still unidentified, was seen driving a “newer model” white Chevy Impala away from the scene.

Drennen is also known as Slim or Slimm Body, according to SPD.

Robert Wilson.

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