Colored Savage Stomps on White Nurse’s Head Almost 40 Times, Leaves Her to Die Underneath Car

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
February 1, 2019

Kenneth Freeman.

This creature totally babooned out on this poor nurse.

Presumably, it was her punishment for being white.

Daily Mail:

A former parking valet at a hospital in Wisconsin has been charged with the murder of a nurse who was found frozen and bleeding underneath a vehicle last Tuesday.

Kenneth Freeman, 27, of Milwaukee, has been charged with one count of first-degree intentional homicide for the murder of 33-year-old Carlie Beaudin who was found in the parking structure of Froedtert Hospital in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on Friday.

Court documents obtained by Fox News alleged that Freeman crept up on Beaudin as she was walking to her car and knocked her to the ground.

Prosecutors then claim Freeman then kicked and stomped on her head and neck ‘almost 40 times’.

Beaudin’s body was then dragged out of the camera’s view towards her own car.

Freeman allegedly drover her body to another part of the parking structure, where her body was eventually found at around 3.45am on Friday.

According to the complaint obtained by FOX6, Freeman later called 911 and reported he was involved in the death at the parking garage.

After being taken into custody and discovered with the nurse’s purse, he later told authorities in a statement he said ‘he deliberately and purely murdered’ her.

Carlie Beaudin.

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  1. This is why every state needs the death penalty.

  2. FTFArticle: ”Freeman participated in Wisconsin Community Services, a non-profit that works with high-risk and disenfranchised community members. It is said to offer behavioral health programs for mentally ill patients and has an outpatient mental health clinic.”

    Likely relevant. Also, he spent a lot of time with her body. Did they run a rape kit. Niggers often rape dead and near dead people. Probably told him ”Piss off. I’m married."

  3. This is the restorative justice program at work, like sanctuary bologna, gotta let the masses in to brutally beat and kill people then shove under a car. Some ppl win the lotto other win the brutally murdered lotto. A bad apple mental defective might be in your parkinglot!
    Get used to it goyimz.

  4. If you look on her facebook page, she was a well adjusted normal woman with her life ahead of her who was brutally murdered at the hands of a less than useless beast which should not even exist.

  5. Oh yeah? Well, one time a white person did a bad thing, so racists BTFO!

  6. This woman’s picture should be on the front page of this site for everyone to see with a headline that says beautiful white nurse killed by nigger savage or something similar.We cant let stories like this get swept under the rug.The Daily Stormer should be raising hell over this one,not just business as usual

  7. These apes WANT to go to prison and hang around and be faggots with their monkey chums. Need to fix that and just bring lynching back. Or just an efficient death sentence that gets carried out right after sentencing. In cases like this, where the homicidal chimp proudly admits the crime, just fucking shoot them on the spot.

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