Colored Sex Offender Charged with Shooting White Deputy in Face with Shotgun

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
November 8, 2018

Shazizz Mateen.

I don’t know what species this creature belongs to.

But with a name like “Shazziz Mateen,” I imagine he is one of those pesky Islamics.

ABC 7 Amarillo:

A convicted sex offender is facing multiple felony charges for allegedly shooting a Fayette County deputy in the face with a shotgun and slashing a La Grange police officer with a knife.

Shazizz Mateen, 49, is charged with four counts of aggravated assault on a public servant with a deadly weapon.

The shooting happened last week at the Carter Motel in La Grange, but it began when two officers attempted to serve a felony warrant on Mateen at a nearby Dollar General store for failing to register as a sex offender.

Investigators said Mateen resisted, pulled a knife and cut one of the officers. He then ran to the nearby hotel room and barricaded himself inside.

Fayette County Sheriff’s Office CJ Lehmann volunteered to take the lead in breaching the door because he was wearing a ballistic vest. In doing so, he was shot in the face with a shotgun.

Deputy Lehmann lost his left eye, and doctors are still working to save his right eye, with surgery scheduled for later this week.

If convicted on the assault charges, Mateen could face life in prison.

CJ Lehmann.