Columbia: Drug Cartel Puts $70k Bounty on the Head of Best-Sniffing Pupper

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 27, 2018

I guess it’s relevant that the doggo is female, no? Like they can’t just use her to breed infinity ultimo-sniffers. And they’d have to take her off duty for a while to breed her.

Fox News:

A drug-sniffing dog is reportedly now the target of a Colombian drug gang after the pup recently found roughly 22,000 pounds of the gang’s cocaine supply.

Sombra, a 6-year-old German shepherd, helped authorities find the Los Urabeños gang’s drugs, BBC reported Thursday. In return, the gang, also known as Clan del Golfo, reportedly put a hit out on the dog for $70,000.

Sombra had worked in ports along the Atlantic coast, and recently sniffed out over 11,000 pounds of cocaine in the coastal town of Turbo, and found another 8,800 pounds of it tucked in cars to be exported.

She’s since been relocated to an airport in Bogotá, where, according to the news outlet, she’s accompanied by extra security officers to ensure her safety.

It’s funny that in the dog world, there are things at which a female of the species is better than the male, given that in the human world, females of the species can barely speak in complete sentences, let alone perform any single task better than a male.

It is often said “women are dumber than dogshit,” and it is probably true that one of this super-pupper’s shits would outperform a human female at virtually any task.

I hope the Colombians do a good job of protecting her from these nasty drug people.

$70,000 is a massive bounty for that country. They only give $500 for killing a cop.