Columbia: Four Dead in Fireworks Factory Explosion as Free Market Fails to Save People From Explosion

Daily Stormer
May 11, 2019

Well, free market capitalism didn’t stop these dumbshit spics from blowing up the fireworks factory.

Fucking explain this shit, Ben Shapiro.


A makeshift pyrotechnics factory near Bogota, Colombia has exploded, killing four and injuring at least 30 more. The blast tore through both floors of the house and also damaged nearby buildings and vehicles.

Several gas cylinders exploded around 1pm in a house in the La Estrada neighborhood of Engativà, a town west of Bogota, according to Cablenoticias news agency, which reported the building was being used to manufacture wicks and gunpowder for “tejo,” a game that involves throwing a metal disc at packets of gunpowder.

At least 16 of the injured were minors, according to district health authorities, who said most of the injuries were caused by the shock wave from the blast.

Authorities have ruled out a deliberate attack but are still investigating what caused the explosion.

You don’t have to investigate it: it was a cigarette.

All of that free market capitalism, and this silly bean-folk blew up a fireworks factory with a cigarette.

If free market capitalism doesn’t stop fireworks factories from exploding, then why is Donald Trump doing this war against Venezuela?

What is the end goal? 

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