Columbia U Spent $185 Million on “Diversity,” Has Nothing to Show for It

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
September 29, 2018


Kikes sometimes try to make the argument that brown people aren’t really a burden on the White race, because the government’s “welfare” budget is tiny compared to things like military spendings and other state functions.

The reality, of course, is that White people are paying ungodly amounts of money at every stage of their lives to prop up these useless negroes. And often, those “costs” are largely hidden in such a way that the average man has no idea he’s paying the nigger tax.

This is a case in point.

Campus Reform:

A newly released report reveals that Columbia University spent more than $185 million to increase “faculty diversity” but that it has effectively had no impact.

I… I need to switch career tract.

According to a September 13 report, Columbia University has spent $185 million since 2005 to increase the proportion of racial and ethnic minorities hired as faculty and tenured faculty professors. However, despite the $185 million spent, the proportion of black and Latinx faculty members have largely remained “stagnant” and, in some years, faculty diversity got worse, as 2017 saw a .05 percent drop in black faculty members.

$185 MILLION!!!111

Take it! It’s just White people’s money, after all!

Let’s do a little math here.

$185 million over 13 years is $14,230,769 per year on average.

Columbia university has around 30 thousand students.

That means that each student has paid, on average, nearly $500 per year in nigger tax.

Those graduating with a master’s degree during that period will have over $2,500 in student debt due exclusively to their university’s desire to encourage brown people to apply as faculty members.

And needless to say, all of that money was completely wasted.

“We have to be able to make the scholarly case [for diversity] to our departments. But there is no stick. We are an office of carrots,” Dennis Mitchell, vice provost of faculty diversity and inclusion at Columbia University, told the Columbia Spectator.

“There is no stick.”

I guess this faggot is implying here that White people should be attacked with baseball bats to scare them away from their positions?

The $185 million carrot didn’t work, now it’s time for the stick bat.

Women faculty are the only demographic that has seen gains since the school started investing in faculty diversity, though the increase cannot necessarily be linked to the investment, as women are now the majority in higher education more broadly.

How the hell do you spend 185 million dollars without producing any result at all?

If they had just used that money to directly hire brown people, they could have added at least 200 niggers to the staff. Some of those brown people might even have accidentally performed productive work – who knows.

But they just flushed those $185 MILLION straight down the diversity toilet.

Who cares? Let’s spend even more next year!

Campus Reform reached out to Columbia University to ask how exactly the $185 million was spent — and if any of the funds came from taxpayer sources — but the school did not respond despite multiple inquiries.

They probably hired “diversity consultants,” each for $500k per year, and started “diversity programs” and “awareness campaigns.”

Columbia is a private university but, as one of eight Ivy League schools, it received a cut of the $41 billion in taxpayer funds granted between 2010 and 2015, according to a report from Open the Books.

Your tax dollars well spent, as usual.

Reconstruction of a “diversity consultant” getting paid – with your money.

Heather Mac Donald, author of the new book The Diversity Delusion told Campus Reform by email that she’s not surprised the $185 million in funding didn’t work, suggesting that the diversity efforts were “founded upon a patent untruth,” since many in academia initially theorized that the “reason for the low numbers of underrepresented minorities in faculty positions was bias against competitively qualified candidates of color.”

“Hiring committees, the thinking went, needed to be encouraged (or pressured) to overcome those biases through the endless generation of ‘diversity metrics’ and the application of ‘implicit bias’ training,” Mac Donald explained.

Lol. Yeah I’m sure the kikes in academia are discriminating against niggers. That explains it.

But this was all a delusion, Mac Donald argues.

Hiring committees were already dedicated to diversity efforts —and according to Mac Donald’s research — many already “went out of their way to try to find even remotely qualified minorities that had not already been snapped up by better institutions.”

So, the idea that universities were unilaterally discriminating against minorities hasn’t been born out by any evidence.

Further, Mac Donald suggested that the $185 million should have been used elsewhere.

No shit?

Like, maybe on their broke-ass students?

This is completely insane.

But it’s par for the course.

Without brown people, our insurance premiums would be lower. Our taxes would be lower. Your rent would be lower. Your school tuition would be lower. The nigger tax is omnipresent and all-encompassing.

Every company is wasting their money on “diversity” crap – and passes the costs on to you, of course.

Just think what could have been accomplished with those $185,000,000 – hundreds of businesses could have been funded, countless research projects set up, funding for cancer research could have been vastly increased… All gone to complete waste.

Our blood is getting sucked every waking moment of our lives by innumerable leeches who hate us and want us dead, and the state is on their side.

Why is that?