Columbine Style Massacre in Crimea: Dozens Dead Because They Didn’t Read Daily Stormer

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
October 18, 2018

So this thing happened.

It’s pretty sad.


Police were now reporting that an“unidentified explosive device” had gone off inside the canteen on the first floor of the college. Forensics experts and FSB explosive ordnance teams were quickly dispatched and tasked with “preventing other possible explosions” as word trickled out that authorities were treating the incident as a possible terror attack. They would later change the classification from terror attack to multiple homicide.

But it wasn’t just the explosion. Inside the building, people were hearing gunfire. Some would later describe seeing men with their faces covered burst into the building, armed with assault rifles and firecrackers, opening fire indiscriminately, terrorizing students and teachers. Only one man responsible for the shooting was found, but in the panic and confusion of the moment, people believed they saw more than one killer. Investigators haven’t ruled out there may be more.

The man was quickly identified as Vladislav Roslyakov — an 18 year-old student of the college who police now say shot himself on the second floor of the building after carrying out his rampage.

It turned out that little more than one month ago, on September 8, Roslyakov had received a permit for a 12 caliber rifle. He bought 150 rounds of ammunition for the weapon just a few days before he would walk onto his college campus and murder 19 people.

Then came the reports about this man and the kind of person he was. Quiet, closed-off, uncommunicative and interested in maniacs and serial killers, his classmates said. His parents, they explained, had divorced not long ago. He and his mother had left his father and lived together in a rented apartment.

In a cruel twist of fate, some Russian media reported, that Galina Roslyakova, the killer’s mother, a nurse who works at the Kerch Oncology Center, was there to admit patients wounded by her own son.

Yet another mother destroying her family and driving her son insane in the process.

This just keeps happening.

The whole situation is out of control.

We gotta do something about these keedz.

This kid was inspired by the whole Columbine cult phenomenon thing.

He even detonated bombs – something that Harris and that other guy planned to do, but failed to execute.

What none of the mainstream media mentions is that the Daily Stormer has been one of the staunchest anti-school shooter websites since its inception.

The way I see it, the Russian government and the Western governments are letting the kids down.

IF this kid had been told to just wait… just wait a little for RaHoWa to kick off, then we wouldn’t be having this problem, now would we?

These kids need to be reading Daily Stormer – it’s a matter of national security at this point. You and I both know how angry and misguided we were before we discovered the Stormer. Instead of popping off, however, we decided to channel our hatred towards more productive ends.

It’s quite obvious to me that getting these keeds hooked on Race War will keep them from killing their classmates in acts of misplaced rage. Isn’t it obvious to you by now, as well?

If they read the Stormer, they would have known that school shootings are a kike conspiracy to take away guns and get kids on kike-prescribed drugs.

Uncle Adolf says: DON’T shoot up your local school, kids!

So frankly, until the Daily Stormer becomes mandated class curriculum, these school administrators and governments all have blood on their hands.

We could get these kids laughing at memes, working out, reading books with bros and harassing Jew journalists online.

But nooooooo, you would rather have them shooting their classmates up.

Shame on you.

How absolutely dare you??