Columbus Ohio School Shooter is a Moslem – Happy Days in Happyland

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 8, 2017

If multiculturalism and trannies make you happy, then why the hell are you so getting shot in high school?

Fox News:

An Ohio SWAT team arrested one person and confiscated a gun after an “active shooter” was reported at a Columbus high school on Friday morning.

Police on Friday afternoon said a student “fired multiple shots inside the school,” and later charged Adan Abdullahi, 18, with improperly discharging a firearm in a school safety zone, a felony.

No one was injured during the incident, police said.

“SWAT made an arrest, gun taken, no injuries. Excellent job by our officers,” Columbus Police tweeted.

Scioto High School was placed on lockdown and civilians were asked to avoid the area as police and fire crews responded to the scene, district spokesperson Scott Varner told

It’s unclear if Abdullahi had a connection to the school.

I grew up about a mile and a half from this school. The area is now all foreigners.

These people took my fucking childhood home away from me. And rootless cosmopolitan journalists want to ask me why I’m angry.

I didn’t go to this high school, because we moved to neighboring Worthington when I was in middle school.

I think part of why we moved was diversity in the school district. And drugs. There were too many drugs supposedly in Dublin. But by 1996, all of suburbia was flooded with drugs. At least for the cool kids.

Anyway – 92% chance this was a Somalian, rather than an Arab or Paki or what have you.

That is who has taken my home from me.

Fucking Somalians. The lowest animals on earth.

I won’t forget who brought them in.

And I am going to have my revenge.

I swear to God, I am going to have my revenge.

I swear on the name of Jesus Christ that before this is over I am going to stand covered in blood on a pile of corpses three stories high waving a machete and screaming loud enough my ancestors in Valhalla can hear it.

Regarding the header song: it’s what I think of when I think of 1994, which is the year I changed school districts.

I’ve been thinking a lot about childhood and general life path over the last month. I think a lot of others are thinking the same.

We’re getting ready for the cosmic shift and the bloodbath that’s coming with it.

All hail the black goddess, Slayer of Raktabija, Mother of the Universe, the Great Liberator who comes forth from the abyss to set us all free.