Secret Truth to Daily Stormer Affiliation of Tucker Carlson AKA “Cucker Tarlson”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 1, 2018

As I am now having to have been accused by Jewish media of having been good friend of Tucker Carlson, as I should being to explain to truth of this particular matter.

At the first time I heard that Mr. Carlson was being into white supremacy, I felt a good happiness find these information.

Me and my good friend David Duke of the famous KKK are driving to Mr. Carlson house in beautiful white van, having attached chains at the rear of this vehicle.

Mr. Carlson is standing in front yard at this time.

“Hello good friend, come to us for a ride, we are finding some nigger to drag behind van,” Mr. Duke is saying.

“Oh hello, friendly afternoon to you, however, I cannot, drag any niggers, today,” Mr. Carlson say. “For today I must to mow the lawn of my house.”

In clear view at this time is Mexican individual mowing the lawn of Mr. Carlson in a rapid manner.

“You will be riding on back of lawn-mowing machine while hispanic gentleman drives?”, I am asking.

Mr. Carlson quickly goes inside house Carlson.

Second time I meet Mr. Carlson I come to home of Mr. Carlson with Tom Metzger, famous Aryan Race leader, while we are riding in a Pontiac Firebird.

“Come to us, Mr. Carlson, we can catch a Jew in our car trunk, and in my farm we having cage having one eagle and one bear, we throw the Jew, he is inside the cage, the bear can tear him apart and we see the eagle picking his bones,” said Mr. Metzger to the Carlson.

“Friend my time is short, and it is the time today I must be painting my garage door now,” the Carlson is saying to us, but as we watch, an hispanic fellow is already painting this garage door.

When we arrive Tom Metzger farm, Jew already die in car resulting from rough driving style of Tom Metzger. Also feeling sad because bear in cage already killed eagle.

So in my opinion of personal thinking, Tucker Carlson, does not interested to fight for Aryan race.

Maybe better is to saying “Cucker Tarlson, man is too busy to do a race war this afternoon.”