Commie-in-the-Box: John McCain’s Cancer-Riddled Corpse Being Dragged All Across the Country

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 31, 2018

“The only thing more disgusting than the decadence of this spectacle is how fat John McCain’s whore daughter is,” said one proud American patriot.

John McCain is being given a sickeningly decadent departure into the nether-realms of Hell, with communists of all shades coming out to celebrate his traitorous life of treachery and seditious conspiracy.

Following his timely death, many American patriots requested that John McCain not use the American flag in his decadent and depraved ceremonies, asking instead that he use the flag of Chinese communism, Jews or ISIS, seeing as how these were entities he actually served. However, citing the discredited conspiracy theory that John McCain was a war hero, his family went ahead and used the flag of the nation he worked his entire life to try to destroy.

McCain’s fat whore daughter rubbed Cheeto dust all over the flag during her mourning photo-op. A small Asiatic man who is reportedly being paid $185/hr to “keep foodstuff off of McCain’s deathbox” rushed out to wipe it off with a wet napkin. 

The sickening and shameless four day “Festival au McCain” is clearly costing hundreds of thousands of dollars, the bill for all of it footed by the American taxpayer. McCain no doubt viewed this as a last good kick in the teeth of the American people.

The Independent:

Not long after Senator John McCain learned last summer that he had terminal brain cancer, he began convening meetings every Friday in his Capitol Hill office with a group of trusted aides. The subject was his funeral.

He obsessed over the music, selecting the Irish ballad “Danny Boy” and several patriotic hymns. He choreographed the movement of his coffin from Arizona, his home state, to Washington. And in April, when he knew the end was coming, he began reaching out to Republicans, Democrats and even a Russian dissident with requests that they deliver eulogies and serve as pallbearers.

By the time he died on Saturday, Mr McCain had carefully stage-managed a four-day celebration of his life — but what was also an unmistakable rebuke to President Donald Trump and his agenda. For years, Mr Trump had used Twitter and the presidential bully pulpit to mock and condemn the senator from Arizona. In death, Mr McCain found a way to have the last word, even quietly making it clear through friends that Mr Trump was not welcome at the services.

“I think it’s fair to say that they have a very different view of this country and what this country means, here and abroad,” said Mark Salter, the senator’s long-time friend and co-author who sat with Mr McCain — often with a lump in his throat — during the many discussions about his looming death and how to mark it. “His overall message was: ‘It doesn’t have to be this shitty.’ ”

The series of events honouring Mr McCain are the kind of grandiose spectacle that is normally reserved for someone who became president, not someone who twice failed to do so. Friends said that Mr McCain was surprised by the level of interest in his death even as he planned it.

When advisers suggested that his coffin should lie in state at the Arizona state Capitol building, Mr McCain said he believed the legislature would never approve such a rare honour for him, recalled Rick Davis, who has been at Mr McCain’s side for decades and served as his 2008 campaign chairman.

“Every inch of the way, he underestimated what he thought this would be about,” Mr Davis said.

The week’s memorial events began in Arizona on Wednesday, when his body was taken to the Capitol building, and will continue on Thursday at a service at North Phoenix Baptist Church. The procession will then shift to the nation’s capital, when Mr McCain’s coffin will arrive at an air base outside Washington as the president is holding one of his raucous, campaign-style rallies for supporters in Indiana.

By the weekend, when virtually all of official Washington — Democrats and Republicans alike — gathers at the National Cathedral for a nationally televised farewell, Mr Trump is expected to have retreated to Camp David, where White House aides hope he will contain his anger at the attention being lavished on Mr McCain.

After that part, the cancer-riddled corpse of the communist agent will be shipped off to Maryland for burial.

McCain was alleged to have been attempting to out-do the over the top decadence of AC/DC’s 1976 “Lock Up Your Daughters Summer Vacation Tour.”

While the Washington elite is celebrating the life of John McCain, American patriots across the country are reveling in his death and cursing his “wretched red commie bones.”

True Americans are also holding their own ceremonies – in honor of Noble Glioblastoma, the brave cancer that killed the traitor John McCain.

Parades are being held in the cancer’s honor, with proud white people gathering to chat its name. Many are calling for the cancer to run for Senate, and there is even talk of a 2024 Presidential bid.

Local parades dedicated to Glioblastoma are being held around the nation.

Supporters of the “Glio 2024” movement have noted that the is nothing in the US Constitution that says a brain tumor cannot be President of America.

Glioblastoma gave a speech in Dallas, Texas on Thursday where he said that killing John McCain was his greatest personal achievement, humbly noting that he also killed Ted Kennedy and Joe Biden’s son, the latter of which was a suspected faggot.

Noble Glioblastoma, pictured speaking in Dallas.

Glio said that he is now simply relaxing, but has not ruled out running for Senate or running for President when Trump’s second term is finished.

“It would depend entirely on the wishes of the God Emperor. If His divine will is that I run, then run I shall. I have sworn my allegiance to His Majesty’s service. I live for him and I kill in his holy name,” Blastoma said.

“I believe that the throne of mankind is destined to be held by Barron Trump, who shall rule this star system and beyond with an iron fist, subduing the kikes and their nigger hordes for all eternity,” the brain tumor added. “But if His Majesty so wishes, I would be honored to hold the divine heir’s place for him.”