Confederate Statue to Come Down in Virginia Despite Laws Protecting It!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
October 24, 2019

Laws are good and all, but what you need are people who are willing to enforce them. See, we have good laws in America, arguably some of the best in the world.

But no one is doing anything to enforce them.

That is the problem.

Apparently, cops can just choose what laws they want enforced or not.

New York Post:

A Virginia city’s top prosecutor and the state’s attorney general say Norfolk can relocate a Confederate monument, despite a state law barring the removal of war memorials.

The two filed a motion Tuesday seeking to dismiss a city lawsuit that says the state law infringes on its right to free speech. Norfolk Commonwealth’s Attorney Greg Underwood and Attorney General Mark Herring say they don’t believe the law applies to Norfolk’s 80-foot (24-meter) monument and they wouldn’t try to enforce it.

The 1904 law initially applied to counties and was expanded in 1997. The city’s monument was erected in 1907. Herring has previously issued an opinion saying the law didn’t apply retroactively.

What happens next with the monument wasn’t immediately clear. The city attorney says his office is reviewing the filings.

The fight has already moved past the Confederate monuments issue and that’s pretty obvious to anyone paying attention. No one is out there in the streets defending the monuments or in the media fighting for them. There probably won’t be any lawyers challenging this in court either.

This means that the battle over the Confederate monuments is over and the frontlines have shifted. There might be more people willing to fight for just regular monuments of regular American heroes going forward because the Left will come for them as well – hell, they already are.

So yeah.

Sorry to say it, but it seems like the Confederate monuments are as good as gone. Someone better get ready to fight for the others before it’s too late and dindus with hoodies replace every single statue everywhere in America.