Conservative Comedian Tim Allen is Getting His Show Back

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 4, 2018

This show was literally canceled by Jew ABC because conservatives liked watching it, because the actor and character he plays are conservatives.

Its ratings were fine.

I think that thing where Allen said being a conservative in Hollywood was like being a Jew in Nazi Germany also led to the cancelation.

Jews get really mad about stuff like that.

But the guys at Fox (only network not owned by Jews – though it will be when Disney buys it, and all the producers are already Jews) saw that Roseanne money and they’re like: give the stupid goyim their circus back, because shekels.

It will probably end up being the new Roseanne – which was the number one show on TV – because it will have pro-Trump stuff in it.

Fox News:

After being off the air for more than a year, “Last Man Standing” is set to premiere next month, and fans should get ready for the comedy series to return with similar plot lines as previous seasons, along with star Tim Allen’s character expressing his conservative views.

“I will say right now the producers’ plans are not to address whether or not he might be a Trump supporter,’” Fox Television Group CEO and Chairman, Gary Newman told reporters at the 2018 Television Critics Associations’ Summer Press Tour in Beverly Hills, Calif. Thursday, adding that Allen’s character, Mike Baxter, “clearly” is someone “with a conservative viewpoint.”

“I think of the character as a fairly centrist viewpoint,” Newman explains. “Of course, that could change during the season, but there are no plans at this time.”

In a follow-up interview, Newman noted he doesn’t “anticipate” the series “being more political.”

“At its heart, it’s a family comedy,” he said. “I think that they’re going to tell the same type of stories that they told during its run on ABC.”

The fact that Roseanne – who is herself a mentally ill self-hating Jew – was the only conservative on any entertainment program is so nuts it’s hard to even process.

Trump won the fucking election.

At least half of Americans are conservatives.

But we’re told we have to watch this:

It’s lunacy.

The Jews are giving up billions of dollars by refusing to produce entertainment media for normal white people.

Anyway, it leaves a hole for us to do it.

If we could figure out a way to fund ourselves, we could do more than two minute YouTube clips. The market exists, but we are blocked from making a profit by being deplatformed by payment processors and advertisers.

It’s absurd.

Why do we keep losing?

There are more of us than them.