Cop-Killing Ape Staying in His Cage – Why Not Just Send Him Back to Africa?

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
April 16, 2018

Just send this ape back to Africa, we do not want him here. We do not want to pay for his food and shelter with our taxes.

New York Post:

A convicted drug dealer who once bragged about dodging charges for a 1972 cop assassination tried to shave nearly two decades off his sentence by claiming he is too disabled to serve his time, sources told The Post on Thursday.

But Robert Vickers, 67, will not be following in double cop-killer Herman Bell’s footsteps to freedom, as the state Department of Corrections rejected his request for a hearing and chose to keep him behind bars.

The denial came three weeks after Bell was granted release by a parole board in a decision that prompted a massive outcry from law enforcement and a lawsuit from the NYPD’s largest union on behalf of the widow of one of his victims. A judge has ruled to keep Bell locked up for now, while the suit plays out.

Vickers has been linked to, but never charged in, the murders of Officers Gregory Foster and Rocco Laurie on the Lower East Side in 1972; Bell was convicted of the 1971 murders of Officers Joseph Piagentini and Waverly Jones in Harlem.