Cops Are Just Shooting at Fleeing Enrichment Through Their Windshields Now

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
July 21,2018


Okay so, there are some problems with shooting through a windshield. Specifically (as demonstrated in the video) the windshield will deflect a shot upwards.

Since the police are medium-IQ naive guys thinking they will be helping people or low-IQ sociopaths who just want a license to kill, this probably won’t stop.

That’s not even to mention how a lot of cops now (two in this article, actually) are 56%. They are putting  random bystanders at risk of bullet shrapnel and whatever else by doing this.

Just remove part of the windshield so they won’t miss as much/as badly.

Washington Post:

“Watch out! Shots fired!” Officer William Umana shouted through his radio to his fellow Las Vegas police officers pursuing a black SUV containing two shooting suspects.

Police later said Fidel Miranda and Rene Nunez fired 34 rounds at officers in Las Vegas on July 11. Officers pursued the pair after they shot a man at a carwash.

As the pursuit moved off a thoroughfare and onto a residential street, Umana powered down his window. He pointed his pistol at the suspects’ vehicle with his left hand for a moment, but then switched the pistol to his right hand before firing five shots through his windshield.

Umana then fired six more shots with both hands. After he fired a third volley of shots through his window, the suspects’ vehicle crashed into an elementary school. One suspect was killed, and the other arrested.

This is not the first time an officer has been recorded on video shooting through their own windshield.

In April, Louisville Police Officer Nicolai Jilek fired five rounds through the windshield of his police vehicle at a suspected armed robber.

“They’re trying to train us to shoot through our windshield if we need to,” Jilek told the Courier Journal. “If you can, you want to return fire from the car as quick as possible.”

Officers Umana and Jilek fired while driving their vehicles, a rather difficult technique.

“When you’re driving, drive; when you’re shooting, shoot,” firearms and deadly force instructor Massad Ayoob told The Washington Post.