Core Values: Obama is Banging Away at This Refugee Issue Like a Serial Rapist

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 21, 2015

Oh come on now. This is gratuitous and weird.
Oh come on now. This is gratuitous and weird.

This pro-ISIS rampage that Obama has gone on is completely insane. What are people supposed to think, that following the Paris attack, he makes it his primary goal to force America to accept “migrants” from the country of the attackers. While two of the attackers were “migrants” who sneaked in to shoot the place up.

This is something that an overwhelming majority of people are opposed to, and yet he just keeps saying Islamic immigration is the primary core value of America, even while that makes no sense.

After telling Congress he would veto any plans to block refugees from Syria, and giving speeches three times a day about how we have to have these people because of values, he’s flown to Malaysia to do a photo-op with children from Myanmar.


US President Barack Obama said the world must offer haven to refugees, as he visited a Malaysian centre for displaced children Saturday amid a bitter and racially tinged US debate over the Syria exodus.

During his stop at the Dignity for Children Foundation in Kuala Lumpur, Obama knelt down to chat to children aged between seven and nine years about their art work and hopes for the future.

Many at the small, well-appointed centre, complete with a pet bunny, were members of Myanmar’s persecuted Rohingya Muslim minority, which was at the centre of a dramatic boatpeople crisis earlier this year.

Obama later said the children “are just like our kids and they deserve love and protection and stability and education“.

They are deserving of the world’s protection and the world’s support,” he said.

Bro just because it is sad that people are poor does not mean it is someone else’s responsibility to provide for them. That logic cannot possibly be taken to it’s conclusion, or it means that billions of people across the entire third world are allowed to live on welfare in all White countries.

It just doesn’t make any sense. At all.

And trying to use little kids to emotionally manipulate Americans into accepting ISIS – this is sick. All of this ISIS you want to bring is adult males in their twenties and thirties.

Back home, Obama’s administration is coming under fire for advocating the acceptance of Muslim refugees from Syria and Iraq.

The White House has rejected opposition to such refugees as “hysteria” and “un-American”, but has struggled even to keep Democratic allies on board due to fears the fleeing masses could include dangerous jihadis.

You are un-American, you filthy ape. Literally, you are not actually even from America. You cannot possibly lecture the people who built this country on how Islamic immigration is a part of our value system somehow.

“Are you learning English?” Obama asked one girl after greeting her and shaking her hand.

“You’re working so hard.”

He later said kids like her were “the face of not only refugees from Myanmar — that’s the face of Syrian children and Iraqi children”.

Again, how is this my problem?

Things are tough all over, bro.

It's sad because it's a child and she's poor. Core values are you must take personal responsibility for her life.
It’s sad because it’s a child and she’s poor. Core American values are you must take complete personal responsibility for her life.

Also, please note that no one, anywhere, is trying to say that there is some benefit to the American people here. It is all just “yeah, maybe they won’t blow you up” and then “you have to do this because it is sad that some people in the world are poor.”

It's the core values of America that you have to pay for these people's lives because they're poor and that's sad.
It’s the core values of America that you have to pay for these people’s lives because they’re poor and that’s sad.

A recent report from the Center for Immigration studies says that these Middle Easterners cost taxpayers $64,370 each in the first five years. And hey – I doubt it gets much cheaper in the second five years. Then we are expected to pay for their children for centuries, or however long people predict the country will exist.


Because the “core values” are that no people in the world should ever be poor, and if they ever are, it is your responsibility to let them into your country to live off your labor.

There is no other explanation. If you don’t understand core values, you are not a true American.