Corrective Rape Will Save Us

Octavio Rivera
Daily Stormer
December 3, 2018

30 men, 1 slut. No, this isn’t  pornography. It’s a video showing a face-to-face representation of dating apps like Tinder.

The woman is a 4 at best. Her face is the kind of face that gets ruined with an extra pound or two – jawline just can’t hold up. Her facial expressions denote bipolar disorder.

She has that “absolute degenerate” look, too.

Kinda like a young Michelle Trachtenberg.

That is what absolute degeneracy looks like.

Despite her below average status, this slag is so entitled that none of the 30 men were good enough for her.

Some of the guys she sat down with to talk a bit were all giggly and looked harmless.

[nervous smiling intensifies]

The whore even pretended to be a church girl.

Why is this “church girl” not meeting good men from the church?

Why is she so picky?

Women think they’re some kind of royalty nowadays. Treating them as such doesn’t help. You have to bring them back to earth.

Being all giggly and “te-hee nice to meet you your majesty” is not masculine and it reinforces their princess complex. You don’t need to smile all the time.

Here’s a better example of a masculine presence:

There was a time where good, average men had access to women and created their own families without having to play these games. Giving women agency as if they were something other than property was a grave mistake that needs correcting. They don’t know what’s best for them and they’re incapable of appreciating the sacrifice men make for them to be safe and comfortable.

Rape is the solution.

Think about it. This slut was surrounded by like 30 men that wanted to have sex with her. Those men were subjected to stupid hoops and games and ended up gaining nothing and wasting a lot of time. It would have been easier for them to rape her, be done with it and move on towards productive stuff.

Think of all the time men lose playing the dating game as if they were some kind of The Sims characters.

Are Jews game developers?

The Sun:

Women are being asked to record ‘consent videos’ before sex by men who are afraid they’ll be accused of rape or assault

Make Rape Legal Again? It would save so much trouble.

Make Men Rape Again? White men, obviously, because niggers and browns never stopped raping.

Just as we have Ebola-Chan as a patron saint, we need a patron saint of corrective rape.

This is a task for you, the reader. Create “saint rapist” memes to emphasize the salvationist nature of rape and to glorify those who have raped as punishment.

The government-sanctioned public gang-rape of Ariana Grande would probably be a good thing to strike fear into the hearts of blackface thots, though it may represent a sanitary risk to the men doing the rapes.

Ariana Grande, trans-mestiza.

Once the government has been purged of Jews, we will have to debate the merits of rape punishment administered by the public, or whether we should have professional rapists, or even rape-machines in order to remove the human element from the corrective rape.

Let’s have a “It’s not rape if” competition to produce quality rape memes. I’ll use the best ones in future articles. An example would be “It’s not rape if they’re already naked” at the top and “so undress them” at the bottom.

Don’t forget a sigil for Saint Rapist.

This is Ebola-Chan’s:

I look forward to seeing what you come up with.