Corrupt Political Negress Pays $51K to Online Psychic

Daily Stormer
September 23, 2017

Negroes in elected office: How it works…

As I’m sure regular readers of The World’s #1 Yair Netanyahu Fansite are aware, I have written on more than on occasion on the perils of giving people with dark skin power over those possessing skin of a more attractive shade.

Once upon a time, it was just understood that it was bad policy to give niggers the vote, much less the right to run for public office, but then Jews came along and, well, you know…

The problem, it would seem, is that all this excess melanin coagulates in the blood, and turns into a very aggressive globular substance known as “brain cholesterol.” This brain cholesterol clogs the frontal lobes and causes the power-wielding darky to chimp out in a magnificent manner, generally involving retarded expenditures, and glorious displays of gross public stupidity.

To wit, the case of Texas legislator Dawnna Dukes.

 “Bitch, I be legislatin’ may ass off up in hurr!”

Daily Mail:

A Texas lawmaker accused of corruption allegedly showed up to a House committee hearing in March and said she was high on morphine.

A court filing this week alleges that Rep. Dawnna Dukes of Travis County showed up for work at the Capitol impaired by medication and spent $51K of her own money on an online psychic.

Dukes is due to face misdemeanor corruption charges at an October 16 trial.

The 12-term congresswoman is accused of giving a taxpayer-funded raise to a legislative aide to cover gas money for shuttling her daughter back and forth from school.

In addition, the filing says Dukes was absent for roll call 65 percent of the time during the 2017 legislative regular session, and 36 percent of the time in the special session.


Who in Texas would put a rabid, big-mouthed sheboon like this in office in the first place?

Like many of you, I figured maybe it was some Africanized region of South Dallas, or perhaps the 5th Ward in Houston.  But no, it was the color-blind commie crackers of The Peoples Republic of Austin!

Someone’s got to stop these hippies.

I should have known. I have often felt that we need some kind of gas that seeks out neo-hippies, and we could just set it off in Austin and voila, we would have Texas back. Lynchings would immediately ensue, Mexicans would be driven back across the border, and Jews would wail and moan for about five minutes before the cowboys and rednecks realized who had been behind it all, and threw the biggest rope party in history!

Well, maybe not, but a man can dream…

This specimen may be salvageable, but only with the harsh discipline of White Sharia

But seriously, legislating is hard work, especially for some sheboon who has risen far above her proper station in life due to kosher social engineering, so who can blame her for attempting to relieve the stress by guzzling a few bottles of Tussanex sizzurp (preferably mixed with a little Sprite or grape soda) before a hard day of writing laws that we White people are going to have to obey forever?

And just because she is stumbling all over the statehouse, drooling on the aides and slurring like a drunken baboon at the podium, this doesn’t mean that she is unable to write insightful laws that benefit all sectors of society.

To state otherwise would just be racist.

Bitch, does you gots da sizzurp? Dat’s all I wants ta know!

As far as the other charges, these can be explained easily, if one takes dey cultcha into consideration, so I hope her attorney is reading this.

On the charge of using taxpayer funds to get her keeds to and from school: Everyone knows blacks live from cradle to grave on the taxpayer’s dime, so why should she give up this right, hard earned from 400 years of slavery, just because she has been elected to public office?

Besides, all you White people send your keeds to school on a school bus, so that’s welfare too!

On the charge of not showing up to work 65% of the time: Everyone knows niggers are shiftless and lazy, and the voters in her district were bound to know this too, so she was obviously representing them in the way they felt was best, which was not representing them at all. There is a certain backward logic to this.

As far as her dropping 51 large on an online psychic, well, she was  just doing what any black person with the money would do in order to assure that she was making sound decisions, not only for herself but for the people of Texas.

Case closed.