Cory Booker and James Clapper the Latest Fake Victims of Fake Bombs

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 26, 2018

This ride is still going, folks.

You can’t get off and there is some genuine suspicion that it may never end.

Fox News:

A pair of suspicious packages addressed to former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper and New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker — the 11th and 12th such parcels sent to top Democratic political figures found in the last week — were recovered in New York and Florida on Friday, according to an NYPD source and the FBI.

The package found in Florida on Friday appeared to be similar to the others that were sent, according to the FBI.

Similar as in not real.


Give me a second here.

Gonna try to cool down.

The NYPD said separately it was investigating suspicious packages at a location on 52nd street in New York City. At least one package there was addressed to Clapper, an NYPD source told Fox News.

Booker declined to comment on the package and instead referred all questions to law enforcement. Bomb-sniffing dogs were seen at Booker’s Camden, N.J., office.

The latest suspicious packages addressed to top Democratic political figures comes as federal investigators zeroed in on Florida as a “region of interest,” two sources told Fox News on Thursday.

Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen said on “The Story with Martha MacCallum” that some of the packages originated in Florida. But investigators wouldn’t say whether they believe the suspect or suspects were still in the state.

She was at the border for the interview, talking about the thing the media is not talking about: the caravan.

She basically says that the FBI is totally in charge of everything.

Why is she not taking control of the investigation?

This is terrorism, no?

Can she not at least request the FBI release the forensics results of the bombs?

“As you know some of the packages went through the mail, they originated, some of them, from Florida,” Nielson told host Martha MacCallum. “The president appropriately directed everyone within the United States federal government to work on this as quickly and expeditiously as possible to bring these people or person to justice.”

New York and Maryland were also in focus, Fox News learned.

Again, there is no way that it is this hard to find where they are coming from. It just isn’t possible. Every post office is lined with cameras, all these packages are tracked from pick-up. They could literally get surveillance footage of the alleged guy within minutes, if he existed.

But even if you do not believe that, and believe the FBI is so incompetent that three days later they still have no idea what is going on – you still have the fact that the FBI is outright refusing to release the forensics data on the bombs.

There is no evidence that they are real. In fact, we have experts saying that they are not intended to go off.

And it has been pointed out that the one we keep seeing the picture of was x-rayed.

I’m not an x-ray expert, but it looks as though that pipe is made of PVC.

Again, and I just have to keep stressing this: there is absolutely no statement from the FBI, and no one has confirmed – even by leak – that there is actual explosive material in these fake bombs. It is known that they have no trigger on them – though theoretically if they have explosive material inside, they could pop if slammed against something (or whatever).

The NYPD is saying they are “treating them as real” – without confirming that they are real.

The Hill:

New York City Police Commissioner James O’Neill said Thursday that law enforcement officials are treating the suspicious packages containing possible explosives sent to high-profile Democrats this week as “live devices,” not “hoax devices.”

“This is something that should be taken seriously,” O’Neill told reporters at the press conference in New York. “We are treating them as live devices.”

“As far as a hoax device, we’re not treating it that way,” O’Neill added.

His remarks came after some conservatives, including radio host Rush Limbaugh, suggested that the bombs could have been part of a hoax or false-flag operation.

Officials said Thursday that they are treating the suspected bombs as “live devices” and “suspected” explosives. At the same time, they offered little details of the ongoing investigation, refusing to answer even whether they had concluded privately one way or another that the devices were actually meant to explode.

Since it appears that the bombs have all gone to the FBI, it is probable that the NYPD doesn’t even know if they’re real.

This is all absurd.

It is a sloppily thrown together nonsense operation by leftists of some kind – clearly collaborating with the FBI in some capacity – to try and hurt Donald Trump in the midterms.

They saw the polls swinging after the Kavanaugh hoax and said “we need another hoax.”

Let me tell you about Occam’s Razor.


Occam’s razor (or Ockham’s razor) is a principle from philosophy. Suppose there exist two explanations for an occurrence. In this case the one that requires the least speculation is usually better. Another way of saying it is that the more assumptions you have to make, the more unlikely an explanation. Occam’s razor applies especially in the philosophy of science, but also more generally.

There are currently two explanations for these fake bombings:

  • The media version: a pro-Trump terrorist is sending bombs not meant to explode to politicians and an actor because Trump’s rhetoric stirred him up to commit violence and he thought the best time to do it was two weeks before the midterm elections. He is a genius who is able to construct these fake bombs and send them out by the dozens and not be caught by the FBI after days. He is also able to send packages without them being stamped at the post office, somehow. The FBI is refusing to say whether or not the bombs are real and creating mass panic unnecessarily for no reason. The entire anti-Trump media machine is universally blaming Trump for these attacks because of genuine concern, and is not asking about whether or not the bombs are real or why the FBI hasn’t said whether they’re real because they didn’t think to do that.
  • The other version: Leftists did this to hurt Trump in the midterms, and the same FBI that ran a years-long conspiracy against Trump is allowing it to blow up in the media to hurt Trump in the elections.

Now, which one of those is simpler?

Which one makes the most sense, on the face of it?

Keep in mind, there is no hard evidence of either – we are just looking at this and asking which seems more probable based on what we can see on the face of it.

Okay, So – Rubber Meets Road Here

Trump has two weeks to find a way to show that these bombs are fake and were done by leftists of some sort. That is very important.

If he is able to do that, it blows up like the Kavanaugh hoax and we win bigly.

If he doesn’t do that… I honestly don’t know how this will affect the election.

I do think that in the days before the election, if nothing happens and no one is caught, he needs to openly say it’s a hoax. But I think he should wait to do that to see if he can prove it first.

The right-wing media needs to get on this. Fox News is not good. They are actually horrible.

Look at this interview with Sarah Sanders from yesterday.

Fox people don’t even suggest this could be a false flag. How can anyone not think that on the face of this??

Why are they not saying it???

We need to get out there and say “this is fake,” and bully more media into saying it.

Rush Limbaugh and Lou Dobbs said it, but they all need to be saying it.