Costa Rica: Retreat Bans White People So That Women of Color Can Enjoy a Racism-Free Stay

Daily Stormer
Michael Byron
February 13, 2018

You know, we whites are a fortunate bunch.

Whenever we want to get away from colored folk, we can simply visit one of our beautiful cities – London, Paris, Sydney, Detroit – and enjoy a 100% white environment.

Colored folk, however, aren’t quite so lucky.

Thanks to ongoing white imperialism, which has created a demographic crisis in which 92% of the world’s population is white and only 8% is colored, non-whites have no place to go when they’re looking for a honky-free vacation.

Thankfully, one BRAVE and SASSY negress from the US has come up with a solution for women of color: a retreat in Costa Rica that bans whites completely!

Daily Mail:

A female-only retreat in Costa Rica is offering women of color the chance of a break from white people.

Andrea X, who created Women of Color Healing Retreat in Puerto Viejo, said she has ‘completely cut out white people’ from her life, saying ‘they have caused enough damage’.

Guests enjoy yoga, meditation and vegan food in an environment free from what the founder calls micro-aggressions and passive-aggressiveness that exists in the US.

Vice News traveled to the retreat to get a first-hand look at how it operates, and discovered hundreds of thousands of dollars were being spent on locations to facilitate completely white-free communities.

Wow, so relaxing. <3

And safe. <3 <3

It must be nice for these ebony goddesses to experience – for the first time in their lives – an environment free from:

  • Rape (100% of all rapes in the US are white-on-black, whereas 0% are black-on-white)
  • Supermarkets filled with obese Swedes waiting to pay for their fried chicken and watermelon with EBT cards
  • A racist president, Donald Trump, who openly calls blacks “darkies” (then replied with “So would you prefer I call them ‘niggers’”? when confronted about it)
  • Finnish hood rats blasting rap music from their cars at all hours of the night
  • The strong possibility of having their children gunned down by white cops, who earn a $1,488 bonus from the state for every unarmed black teen they kill
  • A Norwegian-controlled media machine that is obsessed with portraying Anders Breivik as “misunderstood”

The Norwegian media also campaigns to have Breivik’s PlayStation 2 upgraded to a PlayStation 4, since they believe that restricting him to a PS2 in the current year is a violation of the Geneva Convention.

When you think about it, our response to this retreat shouldn’t be: “Why are coloreds doing this?”

It should be: “Why didn’t coloreds do this sooner?”

Andrea X said she decided one day to completely ‘eliminate’ white people from her personal life.

According to a Daily Stormer inside source, who successfully infiltrated the retreat while dressed in blackface, Andrea X is even more committed to the cause than she lets the public believe.

Not only is she eliminating white people from her life, she is also eliminating all white inventions and discoveries from her life too, including electricity, phones, computers, modern medicine and clothing, indoor plumbing and vehicles.

She even plans to stop speaking English and change her name to an African one, since she understands that it’s hypocritical to bash white people when almost everything that currently defines her – including her former identity – is a product of whiteness.

This sista is dedicated af.

The idea in Costa Rica is to effectively create a black nation, according to Andrea X, which would cater exclusively to people of color.

Hold on a sec… isn’t Costa Rica full of bean people?

Wouldn’t they object to blacks pushing them out of their homeland?

Actually, on second thought, maybe not.

Costa Rica is a Third World shithole, and if there’s one thing blacks are good at doing, it’s transforming Third World shitholes into First World paradises.

You want proof?

I’ve got your proof right here.

I imagine most Costa Ricans will be pleased to leave their nation once they realize that its growing black population will transform it into something out of Futurama.

After all, most people just want what’s best for their country…

… And nothing is better for a country than blacks.