Could Bernie Actually End Up Winning the Primary?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 28, 2019

Who even knows anything about this Democratic primary race?

I still have some bizarre and sick fascination with it, even though it’s gotten so boring.

Is it possible for Bernie to end up winning?

Yes, I guess so. At this point.

The Guardian:

Bernie Sanders addressed a crowd of thousands at a beachside rally in Los Angeles last Saturday, capping a six-day swing through the most populous US state.

“Our campaign is not only about defeating [Donald] Trump, our campaign is about a political revolution,” Sanders said. “It is about transforming this country, it is about creating a government and an economy that works for all people and not just the 1%.”

The sight of the cheering crowd would have been hard to imagine just two months ago, as Sanders recovered from a heart attack and a fellow progressive senator, Elizabeth Warren, surged past him in the polls for the Democratic nomination.

But since then, Warren has slipped back, and Sanders has regained lost ground, demonstrating the resiliency of his leftwing campaign. Those strengths have some in the Democratic party wondering: could Sanders actually win the nomination the second time around?

According to the RealClearPolitics polling average, Warren was 12 points ahead of Sanders and virtually tied with the former vice-president Joe Biden in early October, shortly after Sanders’ heart attack. But since then, Warren has been slipping, and Sanders has pulled ahead of her. The polling average now shows Sanders in second place once again – averaging 19.3% in national polls, putting him eight points behind Biden and four points ahead of Warren.

Here’s the chart:

None of those people below Bernie are ever likely to come back. Because they all had these big pushes, and people already got bored with them. That’s the way the ultimate number one freedom system of democracy works: if people get bored of you on TV, you’re totally doomed forever.

So Elizabeth Warren or Peter Buttigieg – they’re both dead in the water.

Of course, Buttigieg was never viable, because he’s gay and black people hate gays.

Literally zero support.

And Warren is just this nagging mean elementary school teacher that no one can ever forgive for her crimes against their childhood.

I thought and probably still think that Biden will eventually collapse due to old age issues. All of these weird senior moments he has keep piling up, and it’s only a matter of time before one of them is so weird that no one can forget it.

Whatever happens, what we know is that Trump is going to win in 2020.