Groyper War: Arizona State is Tomorrow! Be Prepared!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 7, 2019

Congressman Dan Crenshaw, who has made waves lately by saying that people who oppose Israel don’t deserve free speech and for generally being a traitor, came into power on a platform of support for anal marriage.

McClatchy, May 15, 2018:

A recently-formed Republican super PAC has spent more than $270,000 on ads labeling Crenshaw insufficiently conservative. His opponents have highlighted Facebook posts he wrote in 2015 defending gay marriage and opposing Trump.

Crenshaw insists he’s within the Republican mainstream on both topics, but says the party needs to abandon rigid ideological standards if it wants to survive.

“Those are the divisive issues with Republicans and young people, it’s gay marriage, it’s being pro-life,” said Crenshaw, who does not support abortion rights, but believes the government should not be in charge of regulating marriage.

“It’s important not to alienate certain groups of people because you disagree with them,” said Crenshaw. “When I can make those moral arguments and try to phrase them in a way that at least won’t repel young people, that’s the goal here.”

Charlie Kirk, a close ally of Crenshaw, recently told the homosexual Jew Dave Rubin that he thinks it’s great that that homosexual Jew is “married” to another man.

This is the current state of the alleged conservative movement.

This is what they expect you to tolerate.

Listen: I know a lot of you are going to be at Arizona State on Friday, to attend the event with Crenshaw and Kirk. And I know a lot of you are going to be hitting up issues surrounding the fact that these two men are entirely loyal to Israel, a foreign power.

I’ve heard that some of you might be ready to include the word “traitor” in a question, given that both of these men have said, in as many words, that they support Israel over the United States.

But some of you have to continue to push the gay issue.

This is important.

All we are really doing here with our Groyper Crusade is forcing these people to expose themselves. And when people start to notice that the same people that are supporting mass immigration are also supporting anal sex with men, are also pledging allegiance to Israel – it all starts to get a bit clearer for the people.

We need them to understand that all of these positions are fundamentally connected, because these people are fundamentally anti-Christ.

At UT Austin, Dan Crenshaw was literally leading people out of the questions line for holding crosses.

This is a battle of good vs. evil, and the people – our people – still believe in good. It is simply our duty to let them know.

Don’t Let Them Take the Mic, Don’t Leave Without a Scene

Arizona is the big time, kids.

We learned that everyone needs to be filming.

We also learned that you can’t let them take the mic.

If they try to take the mic, make a scene.

And if they try to lead you out, don’t go willingly.

Make them drag you. And make noise.

As a rule: make noise.

If they mention Israel, then boo. If they mention gays, boo. If they are talking about boring nonsense, groan or jeer.

When our guys get to the mic, cheer them on. Loudly. Be vocal in support of your brothers.

When people get pulled out, everyone needs to boo.

There are not going to be enough security guards to pull everyone out at the same time. And if you’re spread out across the room, they’re not going to know where the boos are coming from. You can put your head down and not make it obvious.


If you wanted, you could also say “GAMERS RISE UP.” I think the questions should be serious, and our demeanor should be generally serious, but I do also think that we need to show that we’re handsome, we’re having fun, while these people are humorless and disgusting.

Basically, after what happened in Texas, it is time to get a lot more aggressive at Dan Crenshaw events.

They tried to shut the whole thing down, they took people out of line for showing symbols of a faith in Christ. These people are not playing by normal, civil rules of discourse, and we are no longer required to do so either.

As I’ve said, I don’t advise anyone to do anything different than what Nick advises people to do, but I do believe that he concurs with me on this issue – if they’re not going to listen to us, then we will make ourselves heard.

Get your tickets if you don’t have them.

This will probably be our last chance to confront Crenshaw in this way.

I don’t think he’s ever going to do another one of these. Because he’s never going to have an answer as to why he is more loyal to Israel than America.

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”

NOTE: Ben Shapiro is at Stanford tonight. Get your tickets for that here.