Cruise Ship “Rescues” Invasion Force, Monkeys Refuse to Leave the Ship

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 26, 2014

I am so completely and totally sick of these monkeys.
I am so completely and totally sick of these monkeys.

Cypriot police from an elite squad have boarded a cruise ship filled with subhuman invaders and cleared the bastards out, authorities say. The “refugees” (read: cowards afraid to defend their own country) were apparently from Syria, and after being rescued by the ship, refused to exit, demanding to be taken to Italy.

These people are so sickening, it makes the blood boil. How on earth to they have the nerve to demand things of us?

They should have all been lined up and shot, ISIS style. We could even call ISIS in to do it.

Police spokeswoman Nicoletta Tyrimou says a number of professional negotiators were able to talk 300 of the scumbags out after no one else could on Friday.

345 people, including 52 children, are going to remain in a refugee center until the authorities figure out what to do with them. If I had to guess, sending them back is not one of the options on the table. Because that would be pure racist hatred. These people have a magical “human right” of some undefined sort that allows them to enter any country they wish and get free everything forever.