CTRL ALT RIGHT EP 45 – Good Afternoon, Good Evening, and Sorry for the F’s

Goy Mercer
The Right Stuff
June 16, 2018

12 months after episode 1 the curtain draws on CTRL ALT RIGHT, but never fear, we have you covered for the next 12 to 24 months as we exhaustively discuss the week that was E3 2018. We cover what we liked, loved and fucking hated, plus a lot of shit posting in-between. It’s a massive show guys!

Massive thank you to Paisios and Ember Wolf, the show wouldn’t have been what it is without these two solid lads. Also, a mention to Anthem Jay, and the fellas on the Riot chat who helped when the call was put out…. We are taking our own advice about making games for /ourguys, so you will hear from us again in the not to distant future so please continue to follow us on Twitter!

You’re all a bunch of sick cunts!


 Watchya Playing’ / Spoiling There Rabbi?

  • Detroit
  • Vampyr
  • Some Nintendo game


  • Insert Shekel: The Curtain Call


  • Microsoft conference
  • Ubisoft conference
  • Bethesda conference
  • Sony conference
  • The show floor