Cuck Island: Aggression Haircut Wench Planning to Ban Trolls From Running for Office

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 30, 2018

In America, we have a literal troll president.

On Cuck Island, they’re trying to stop trolls from running for dog catcher.


Online trolls who intimidate election candidates or campaigners could be barred from public office under government proposals being considered.

Extreme intimidation cases are already punishable with a jail sentence.

Yes. And as my friend Joshua Bonehill found out, “extreme intimidation” means “posting mean cartoons making fun of kikes.”


A 2017 parliamentary report highlighted the “significant factor” of social media abuse of candidates in that year’s general election.

Constitution Minister Chloe Smith said intimidation was putting “talented people” off standing for election.

So, we need more politicians that can’t tolerate criticism?

And of course it’s some “just hit the wall” 30-something bitch with that haircut that we’re all now much too intimately familiar with that’s proposing it.

Chloe Smith, I’m not running for office in the UK, so I can call you a cunt.

And post your Twitter account on my Troll Website: @norwichchloe.

She added that the measures being consulted on would “protect voters, candidates and campaigners so they can make their choice at the ballot box or stand for public service without fear of being victims of misinformation or abuse“.

The length of the ban on convicted abusers standing for or holding public office would be a part of the consultation, a Cabinet Office spokeswoman said.

This is what happens when you allow women into public life.

If you even allow them to leave the house without a male escort, you are on a beeline to this situation.

We need to get these stupid whores back in the kitchen, and we need to do it quickly.

Furthermore, trolls are a persecuted class across the globe, so I am hereby announcing the formation of an organization to protect and defend the rights of trolls, globally.

Because “Gay Nigger Association of America” is already taken, I’ve decided to call it “Confederated Union of Net Trolls,” or CUNT for short.

If the UK wants to ban trolls for running for office, they’re going to have to go through CUNT.

This is the flag of this new organization:

I just called the incorporation offices of the Cayman Islands, and it is now an official thing.

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