Cuck Paul Ryan Fears the Rise of the Alt-Right

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 9, 2016

Here on Morning Joe, Washington Post reporter Robert Costa talks about Paul Ryan’s fear of the rising Alt-Right.

The goofy little bitch Ryan recently talked about this on a talk radio program, claiming we are against the sacred values of conservatism, which include mass immigration from Islamic countries.

I was shocked when the Red State blog claimed we had taken over the GOP, but dismissed it as just a goofy blog with a bunch of cucks frustrated that they’d been trolled so hard by Anime Nazis. But Paul Ryan saying we’ve taken over – this is very serious business.

Though I am a humble man, I must say that I’m very proud of this. While I would say that /pol/ has been the site most influential in formulating the Alt-Right ideology, and most of my own positions and methods come from there, there really isn’t any single individual which has been more influential on this movement than yours truly.

When this site began three years ago, these racist, anti-Semitic, masculine, nationalistic and populist ideas just weren’t in the public mind. They weren’t even really in the alternative media, which was focused on limp-wristed libertarianism and kooky conspiracy theories.

We used memes to infect the public consciousness with a simple new paradigm. Everyone who visits this site has their psyche infected with these memes, and they then carry them. We have created a mind virus of ULTIMATE JUSTICE.

Of course, I give all the glory to the people.

You, me, all of us have changed the course of history. We have done nothing less than presented a new idea of man’s role in the universe.

Paul Ryan will most likely win today. But we are winning the war.

And our idea is winning.

Nothing can stop us now.

The future belongs to us.

And we are going to crash this plane with no survivors.


Hail Victory.