“Cuckoldry” and the Social Carcinogen Trying to Spread It

Erik Striker
Trad Youth Network
June 17, 2015


Online discussion has been on fire regarding the children’s television show,Bella and the Bulldogs, which has been broadcasting on Jew Sumner Redstone’s Nickelodeon since January 2015. The well-worn hate memes of the puny and effeminate White male; the cool, smart, and dominant Black, the “with it” Jewish guy, and the ultra-feminist blonde girl as the object of all of their affection have become formulaic plot elements in our highly politicized “entertainment”.

But this time, however, people have noticed something that pushes even their boundaries: One of the black writer’s previous projects was a softcore interracial pornographic film titled The Cuckold (2009), and the very obvious translation of these themes into a show for kids has provoked outrage.

So far, attempts at examination have yielded an uneasy and disorganized stew of truth mixed with fiction, and this is a problem. Readers must realize that the system literally pays people, such as David Futrelle, to dedicate themselves to “debunking” very real observations of menacing and sometimes bizarre collective Jewish behavior. Commentators who bring numerology, occult, and “illuminati” talk and mix it into the greater critiques of real world Jewish cultural attacks on the West only open themselves up to mockery and discrediting.

Accusing “Bella and the Bulldogs” co-writer Gabriel Garza of being Jewish without hard evidence (while a plausible hypothesis) is doing a disservice to the whole cause, and that is precisely what losers like Futrelle–empowered by his Jewish check signers at the New York Times, Salon and Washington Post–have been capitalizing on.

David Futrelle
David Futrelle

That’s not to say Gabriel Garza isn’t Jewish, especially since he’s part of a culturally destructive media project, but there is also a remote chance he could be a non-Jewish Iberian or Mexican looking to take any gig that will take him up the ladder. This high standard for evidence is important to keep when it comes to the Jewish question, because the army of pundits beneath the dollar-wings of Adlers and Geiers (German words for predatory birds that also happen to be common Jewish names) will seize any small potential inconsistency in your story with as much legalistic pilpul as the rabbis in the Talmud debating whether an adult male  raping a three year old child specifically on the day of or after her birthday has ramifications beyond “sticking a finger into an eyeball” (Ketuvot11b).

The gut instincts of individuals commenting on the matter are right, just not well articulated. Some were accusing Anita Sarkeesian of being Jewish when they identified someone looking to invade and destroy the (sadly) last bastion where white men are free to congregate, video games. But this attention whore is actually just a goy looking to make money and kudos using Jewish infrastructure. The media platform that paid her to create “Tropes vs Women” in 2011, on the other hand, was Lisa “My Big Jew Nose” Jarvis and fellow tribeswomyn Andi Zeisler’s Bitch Magazine. Without  the Zionist New York Times and other controlled newspapers extending some of their Jewish privilege and promoting her, Anita would be just another anonymous Tumblr cultural Marxist mooching off her rich parents while getting her third Masters degree in Sociology.

But I digress…

Bella and the Bulldogs
Bella and the Bulldogs

Whenever you see an agenda you know offends the majority of the population, you should always assume Jew until proven goy; Bella and the Bulldogs is no exception.

Much attention has been alloted to the show’s two writers, Gabriel Garza and Jonathan C. Butler, and this is especially justified in the latter’s case. But one needs to question just how Butler–a no-name plumber from Buffalo with scant background in writing other than his pornographic film–managed to get his own prime time children’s sitcom. Who would be so tacky, so repulsive, and so unscrupulous to think that a pervert who fantasizes about sleeping with white women while humiliating their white husbands to the point of making a whole film about it, should write a TV show for a targeted demographic of children ages two through twelve?

The answer lies in  Bella and the Bulldogs overlooked executive producer: listed by IMDB as the Jew Jeffrey Bushell. This profane individual, who has made a prosperous career producing shows for your kids on the Disney Channel and Nickelodeon, makes no qualms about broadcasting his and his wife’s obsession with genitalia and sex they just can’t keep in their bedroom. The public announcement of Bushell’s inadequate genitalia by his wife reflect Jewish matriarchal household dynamics, which in the Middle Ages provoked curiosity and disgust in Europeans as they witnessed Yiddish women going out to work while their husbands stayed home to study the Talmud.

Naturally, this continues to exist in a water downed form today. There is a segment of Jewish men, more than in other populations, who enjoy being dominated and abused by their wives, and this leads to amusing scenarios such as Woody Allen’s “son” Ronan Farrow having Frank Sinatra’s trademark blue eyes.  It is likely that the heavily inbred Bushell, as a powerful force within the Nickelodeon and Viacom establishment, saw Butler’s film and felt it resonated with his shriveled up, microscopic…soul.  Thus, a new way to assault Western civilization was born.

As the show’s executive producer, Bushell supervises the “creative direction” that the writers take, to ensure that the white woman obsessed negro pervert Butler gets as many of his favorite themes into the show as humanly possible, while at the same time filling in any gaps.  Were it not for the Jewish money that funded films like The Cuckold, or Jewish executive producers granting him an outlet for the kid’s version, Butler would still be an unknown upstate New York plumber daydreaming about sleeping with 60 year old obese housewives every time he gets the call to fix a leak.

Executive Producer Jeffrey Bushell
Executive Producer Jeffrey Bushell

Bella and the Bulldog’s: Themes and Story Arc

The Jewish Brothers, Barney and Rafi Fine, might train and script children to say otherwise (with an unironic link to the Zionist Talmudic Nazi organization the Anti-Defamation League accompanying it), butchildren have ingrained preferences for their own race. Jewish children, in fact, have been found to show the most hatred towards ethnic out-groups of all.

For this reason, the first season of “Bella and the Bulldogs” is heavy on romantic tension between the black football player Troy and Bella, but nothing outright–as Judeo-Left critics of the “cuckold” controversy have painstakingly emphasized. But this is not the whole story. Troy is portrayed as being in love with the white girl, but it is superficially unrequited, with hints that it will one day come to be. What Bushell is going for is to attract a large enough audience, and then have Troy and Bella be together in an episode in the near future when there is a sufficient fanbase to survive a blow to ratings.

The Bella and the Bulldogs Wiki makes it clear they see the romantic pairing of Troy and Bella in the immediate future, with signs of her beginning to ‘submit’ to Troy’s solicitations already seen in episode 14 “Player Hater”.  This is interesting, as Bella is currently dating the white football star background character Kyle Webber, and it’s easy to predict that in the second season of the show they may have her “cheating” on Kyle with Troy.

On the theme of cuckoldry,  the “Player Hate” episode portrays a jealous Bella, as Troy begins to go out on dates with another white girl named Charlotte Newman. Charlotte Newman is using Troy to “get back” at Kyle Webber (who left her for Bella), much like the female character at the beginning of The Cuckold, upset at her husband’s infidelity. Miscegenation  and “cuckoldry” are both hinted at strongly, and  it’s safe to say that the second season will lay it on thick after these obvious setups.

Much has been made about symbolism, such as the “bull”, the weak and effeminate white male constantly being emasculated by the black character Troy (as portrayed in an episode where he intimidates the white into paying for everyone’s drinks) and virtually all the women on the show, and of course this disturbing and undeniable subliminal message:


All of this would arguably be circumstantial if we didn’t know the backgrounds and history of the writers and producers, but in this case it’s blatantly obvious.

After attracting 2.52 million viewers for its Series Premier in January 2015, its ratings have drastically declined since then. Despite heavy advertisement and a prime time time slot, its second-to-last episode managed to get barely over 1 million viewers. Regardless, the Nickelodeon Jews have renewed the show for more episodes, probably because the harder and more explicit political messages were initially planned for the second season.

Jews are the Sole Force Trying To Normalize Cuckoldry; and Why They Do It

In the year 1950, the American Jewish Committee sponsored a five volume socio-psychological study on effective ways to control Gentile political organizing and eradicate the anti-Semitic feelings provoked by Jewish behavior: Studies in Prejudice. One of the most well known parts of this research, conducted at Berkeley University, was called “The Authoritarian Personality”, whose authors were the Jews Theodore Adorno, Else Frenkel-Brunswik, and others, and built upon the work they were doing in 1920’s Germany prior to the national uprising of 1933.

The thesis put forth, which reflects the work of Adorno’s Frankfurt School in general, is that societies that encourage productivity, discipline, ethics, and collectivism are prone to become anti-Jewish. The Jews in 1920’s Germany were almost as powerful (and destructive) as the ones in 2015 America, yet the researchers were puzzled as to how a few Bavarian nobodies were able to engineer a plan to overthrow them just a decade later. The “pathology”, they found, was Western culture itself, and the solution to this naturally occurring barrier to Jewish abuses is to weaponize moral depravity, concoct, instill, and encourage unnatural sexual practices, and break all moral codes in Gentile host cultures.  The Jews were doing this in the infamous Weimar Republic beforehand, but Adorno’s research demanded things go into overdrive.

While originally preaching Marxism, post-war developments in the Soviet Union, where Jews had originally utilized outright barbaric violence to control the population, saw an internal coup by Joseph Stalin, who after 1948 decided he no longer wanted to share power with them. This began a campaign that decimated Soviet-Jewish intelligensia and isolated the agenda of Jewish Communist party members. By 1953, the strong man–who had reopened the Russian Orthodox Church, recriminalized homosexuality, encouraged marriage, and began preaching nationalism–created a commission that sought to deport all of Soviet Jewry, according to insider Nikolai Nikolayevich Polyakov.


While the Jews today claim Stalin’s investigation of a “Jewish doctor’s plot” in 1953–where he suspected they were trying to assassinate him–is a testament to his “baseless anti-Semitism”, the unearthing of long-hidden documents show that he indeed was probably poisoned. Nonetheless, the blow he dealt Soviet Jewry changed the political and cultural landscape in the USSR forever, and after this Stalinian shift, came both the Jewish-led “New Left” of the 1960’s and Neo-Conservative movement of the 80’s–with the Frankfurt school denouncing communism as being as bad as “Fascism” when it comes to the potential for anti-Jewish sentiment. Paul Gottfried’s “What Is a Conservative These Days” provides interesting insight on this dynamic–the Soviet-style communists were more conservative than the Western conservatives for most of the Cold War.

The evolution led to the conclusion of the “The Authoritarian Personality”, which is considered to be the foundation of all hitherto connected academic work, and is at least one of the major motives Jews have for disproportionately–and in many cases unilaterally–promoting practices and behaviors they know are immoral and harmful to Gentiles in order to control them. According to Christopher Lasch’s The True and Only Heaven: Progress and Its Critics:

“The purpose and design of Studies in Prejudice dictated the conclusion that prejudice, a psychological disorder rooted in the “authoritarian” personality structure, could be eradicated only by subjecting the American people to what amounted to collective psychotherapy–by treating them as inmates of an insane asylum” (pg 453)

Most of the public has been scratching their heads while watching mass media talk about Bruce Jenner. Did he cure cancer? Did he invent something? No. He mutilated himself and now wears women’s clothing. The Jews Buzz Bissinger and Annie Leibowitz who used pretty adjectives and extensive photoshop to rationalizeJenner’s insanity on the cover of Vanity Fair can’t even convince 65 IQ Chris Brown that this is right–but it’s not for the majority.

The real target demographic are marginal cases like Jenner, who has struggled much of his life with substance abuse and mental health issues, and the goal is to exacerbate their condition for social engineering purposes. With the number of self-destructive lifestyles Jews promote with their monopoly on mass culture, they’re able to recruit 2% here, 3% there, 5% over there, and eventually this turns into a sizeable crowd in the anti-white and anti-normal popular front, all united against the “Authoritarian personalities” telling them it’s not ok to marry another man, …or his dog. The only reason Jews haven’t taken up the comparatively less degenerate cause of polygamy is because it’s historically associated with “authoritarian personalities” like Mormons and Muslims.

Cuckoldry: Only One Group Of People Trying To Make It Mainstream

The case of “cuckoldry” is no different. So far, this tentacle of the Jewish culture war is in its infancy, but expect it to get worse once they are able to consolidate their agenda of (or in other words, succeed in passing legislation to force everyone to accept it, and private means to intimidate those who dare speak up in response) men who mutilate their penises and shave down their adam’s apple.

Dan Savage, a Converso and racially Jewish fecophile “sex columnist”–as well as a “far Left liberal” war mongerer who supports American military  intervention against “Islamo-Fascism” and other enemies of Israel–has been very supportive of individuals who claim to have this sexual dysfunction. In fact, “cuckolds” seem to love writing Savage, much more than the other sex columnists I looked up, there’s a good chance that this is just someone trolling, or even Dan Savage forging the letters himself to keep things “interesting”. At the moment, “sex therapists” that encounter this rare “fetish”, as bad as they already are, at least tend to emphasize the inevitable relationship problems it brings, but Savage gives the green light without these qualifiers.

The closest thing to outright promotion in the mass media comes from the LA yentil Anneli Rufus. In a 2010 piece for the Daily Beast, called “The Intellectual Sex Fetish” and accompanied with an inflammatory picture of a black man with a white woman, the Jew Rufus is trying to sell “cuckoldry” specifically to the group she knows is susceptible: the trendy and bored bourgeoisie:

“Cuckolding is rapidly emerging as the alt-sex fetish of choice for American intellectuals. Just check out the online forums like OurHotWives.org/forum, where letter-perfect postings celebrate cuckoldry as a cerebral pursuit, transcending ordinary voyeurism and S&M as a dangerous game involving jealousy, misery, gratitude, shame, sharing, sublimation, lust, and trust.”

A real intellectual–unlike the cultural Marxist trust fund babies getting shoehorned into prestigious positions by Jews–would ask, where is the proof that this is a “rapidly emerging fetish of choice”? An internet forum full of anonymous people? Rufus tries to bolster her assertion with some anecdote about a New York City professional power couple that sometimes rent out a hotel room where the man watches his wife have sex with strangers. But that doesn’t mean this is happening on a wide scale, or that it is a “trend.” As usual, Jews want Goys to think something is more popular or acceptable than it actually is in order to strike some upper middle class WASPy “all the cool kids are doing it” chords.

Looking through the website Rufus cites, the posters are a small core of perverts, and a much larger group of men trying to sleep with their wives.

If OurHotWive’s 34,299 registered members (most being internet men looking for easy sex that don’t come back after a few posts) means that “cuckolding” is a “rapidly emerging” trend that Rufus believes needs more headlines, then the website where couples partake in literal bestiality, “Beast Forums”, must be happening on every block with its 1.4 million members.

And finally, the Jew Meredith Lindemon, makes similar claims as Rufus, except using nothing but dubious anecdotes.

On some parts of the internet, many people, including those who are apolitical, appear to believe that this “cuckold fetish” is more common than it actually is. This is due to the wave of Jewish-created amateur and professional pornography being disseminated with this theme. As outlined in my previous article, interracial pornography is not profitable, but done with subversive intentions. One outstandingly vicious and anti-white website, “Cum Eating Cuckolds”, which calls itself “The #1 Cuckold Site in the World”, is an asset of “Kick Ass Pictures, Inc”, whose president is the Jew Mark Kulkis.

Kulkis has also worked on behalf of the Republican Party, and his peddling of interracial pornography was heavily alluded to in an interview with Stephen Colbert:

Who Are The Cuckolds?

Are “cuckolds”, dysfunctional men who enjoy watching other men sleep with their wives, real? Yes, but they are a miniscule minority, on par with couples who molest children to add some Jewish-prescribed zest to their sex lives,  and probably dwarfed by those who practice any number of other strange perversions.

Cuckoldry is the end-product of feminism, and men who believe in feminism will be attracted to it. Men who are married to dominant women and refuse to put them in their place will in many cases turn a blind eye to female infidelity, but in rare cases like the elderly Canadian Jack King caught soliciting a stranger to bed his wife, the ball-busting lawyer Lori Douglas (who didn’t even take his name after marriage), the man will be an active participant.

What is the solution? Authoritarian personalities getting together to shame these failures, but also build up the men we break down–who really are just an extreme manifestation of the feelings of inadequacy aimed at people because they are male or of the Occidental race.  The Jews look to exploit the weak in our herd, and our solution ought to be a full-frontal counter-attack against these lying jackals. This is the only way to bring about the instauration of our race. But first we need to turn humble honkeys back into Aryan men.

Tell me to vote for the GOP one more time, and I’ll start thinking you’re a cuckold.

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