Cyprus Says Turkey is Trying to Stealthily Flood Them with Moslem Rapefugees

Daily Stormer
June 25, 2019

Turks don’t seem to realize diversity is their greatest strength

Nobody could have predicted that some people who tried to conquer and Islamize Europe for 1000ish years would still be at it.


Cyprus’ interior minister is accusing Turkey and breakaway Turkish Cypriots of helping to traffick migrants to the internationally recognized southern part of the ethnically split island nation.

Constantinos Petrides told state radio Monday it’s “now certain” that a mass influx of migrants is arriving by aircraft to the breakaway north of Cyprus from Turkey.

Funny how Turkey, despite being a (((democracy))) and a NATO country, can just do whatever it wants, without any kind of consequences.

What the Turks did/are doing in Cyprus is technically what the Serbs tried to do in Bosnia, but somehow no NATO planes felt the need to rain down some values and principles on Ankara.

But anyone being mean to Moslems anywhere in Europe is immediately front page news on every (((mainstream media))) outlet.

“People become terrorists because they’re called terrorists”

Petrides said that, in May alone, 747 migrants crossed southward. Many of the arrivals are from Africa and Asia, with Syrians comprising only 25-30 per cent of arrivals.

He said this can’t continue and that Cyprus’ policy of accepting third-country asylum claimants through the breakaway north will be reviewed.

And that’s just the ones they’ve caught.

Cyprus is a small country, with a population of just over 1 million, and already around 20% of the population is Moslem when you count the northern part, so it wouldn’t take a lot of work to make it majority Moslem.

Even though most of them are probably aiming for the Mecca of welfare that is Germany, you have to remember that brown people are really, really lazy, so many of them will just settle for the crappier Cypriot welfare.

Cyprus is also part of the EU, so if Moslems take it over, they can just open the floodgates, legally, for anyone to enter any of the other EU countries.