Daily Stormer to Stop Using F-Word After Watching Antifa Videos of Them Screaming It

Daily Stormer
August 19, 2019


We are officially announcing that we are officially discontinuing the use of the word “fuck” as an expletive in our publication after we reviewed a series of Antifa videos where they repeatedly used this as almost the only word they said. Upon reviewing the video, we found that the word was degenerate and gross-sounding when used as an expletive.

The compulsive use of obscenity when not speaking of things obscene is in itself an obscenity. It lessens people and it is an assault on language and the rich history and culture that our language both embodies and symbolically represents.

We have also observed that Jewish people have debased our language in a way that limits the use of speech and stifles creativity. The repeated use of this word lessens the language experience. English was once a beautiful language, and it can be again. But we all have to work together.

The only proper use of this word is its intended usage, which is as a purposefully obscene term to describe a debased sexual act, such as sodomy. We will continue to use phrases such as “German car-maker instructs customer base to fuck each other up the ass,” but will be canceling the use of such phrases as “what the fuck is this gook gibberish?” or “give me back my fucking car keys, nigger.”

We have instructed our staff to use words such as “heck” and “darn” in place of the word “fuck” when it is in reference to anything other than a vile sexual act. This policy will go into official effect on August 20, 2019.

Please be patient with us during this transition.


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