Daily Stormer Endorses Papa John’s as the Official Pizza of the Aryan Master Race!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 3, 2017

The Negroid filth is stirring up a riot against the Aryan Master Pizza, Papa John’s, organizing boycotts against them.

The time is now for the Aryan Master Race to rally around the Aryan Master Pizza and ensure their sales stay strong.

The trouble started when Papa John’s told the Negro Felon League that their gay-ass protests attacking the American flag were hurting the sales of the company.

Meanwhile, Pizza Hut – internationally known as “The Nigger of Pizzas” – has endorsed attacks on America and revolutionary Negroid actions.

Angry niggers are also pointing out that the founder of Little Caesar’s – “The Kike of Pizzas” – gave financial support to the Negroid terrorist Rosa Parks.

In fact, I do not actually endorse eating pizza, as it simply is not healthy, and you should not be a fat slob like the people who generally obsess over sportsball.

All of these pizzas are also disgusting.

Here at the Daily Stormer, we are 100% paleo.

If you are going to have a pizza once a year or something, it should be at a real Italian pizza place where they use real ingredients.

However, I do just want to throw moral support and a full theoretical endorsement behind the World’s Most Nigger-Infuriating Republican Pizza: Papa John’s.

If I was gonna eat a fast-food pizza, I’d eat the one that niggers hate most.

And that’s Papa John’s.