Daily Stormer Officially Endorses Kanye West for UN Ambassador

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 10, 2018


Speaking from the “Dat Azz” strip club in Nigeria, Daily Stormer publisher Andrew Anglin officially endorsed rapper Kanye West to replace Nimrata Randhawa as America’s Ambassador to the UN.

Anglin called on President Trump to appoint Kanye “rapidly and with great force” to this “stupid and useless position.”

Only Nigerian, Ugandan and the Chinese media were invited to the event, keeping up Anglin’s long-held position of only allowing non-Jews at his press conferences, or in “Dat Azz” strip club, which he co-owns.

Hiring exclusively mulattoes with good hair, the strip club serves a majority Chinese clientele, and Anglin once remarked that “while the Chinamen are in here watching these monkeys jump around, I’m banging their daughters.” He later told the Chinese media he was joking, before going on to tell the Ugandan media “I was totally not joking.”

Anglin is a leader in the neon-nazi (often misspelled “neo-nazi” in Jewish media) contingent of the Republican Party, and holds a lot of sway in the nominations of public officials and the making of the policies of the Trump administration.

Kanye is headed to the White House on Thursday, presumably to be offered this position.

Anglin said that Kanye would do an amazing job “dazzling the globalist Jews” with his “deep mind and intriguing speech.”

He also said that Ye would “make the entire world look like a bunch of fucking retards” because “no one would know how to respond to anything he said.”

Anglin also noted the rapper’s long history of anti-Semitism, saying that “unlike the streetshitting mess Nimrata Randhawa, Ye will not be shilling for Jew wars. If anything, he’ll try to start a war against Jews.”

Anglin also noted that he might have a hard time getting the rapper confirmed for the position before the midterms, but should nominate him before, as this would get black people to vote Republican.