Daily Stormer (Non) State of the Union Response

Daily Stormer
March 2, 2017

(Listen/Download above, or catch it on YouTube)

Whenever Glorious Leader says or does something important, you can always count on The Daily Stormer to give you the straight dope about what’s really going on.

On this epic Hangout, Andrew Anglin, the publisher of the world’s #1 Wall Street Journal Fansite and Your Friendly Neighborhood Azzmador are joined by the Alt-Right’s #1 rising star, Beardson Beardly of Honeypot Studios.

This righteous crew analyzes Trump’s State of the Union address, which, as it turns out, somehow is not technically an actual SOTU address, and from there, the conversation moved in several interesting and unexpected directions.

Topics discussed were, among many others:

  • Trump’s using the speech to skewer his enemies, both in the left, and among the McCain/Graham cuck camp.
  • How some of the narratives Trump touched on appeared to be similar to the “Dems are the Real Racists” theme, aka DR3, but that it actually wasn’t that.
  • The lame Democrat Party response the SOTU address that technically isn’t a SOTU address.
  • The fudged government unemployment stats and Obama’s fake economic recovery.
  • The power of meme magic and how it works.
  • The possible connection between psychic phenomena and religion/prayer.
  • Why Arianna Rowlands of Breitbart is a deranged, no-talent slut who promotes incest and degenerate gay fan fiction, and why she should never post selfies wearing a bikini.
  • The anti-White new video game, Resident Evil 7
  • How and why the only acceptable negative racial stereotypes are the ones that malign Whites, especially poor, Southern, and Appalachian Whites.
  • John Grisham’s career as an anti-White author of crappy novels made into crappy movies.
  • The Jewish Problem
  • And so much more that I can’t even remember it all!

This is truly the greatest 3 hours of audio to have found it’s way into these tubes, so don’t miss it!

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