Daily Stormer Traffic is Better Than Ever!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 20, 2018

So this is my now semi-weekly reminder to donate, because we’ve been running at a loss for months and I’ve been convinced by trusted confidants that it is time to start doing semi-weekly reminders to donate.

Last time (ten days ago) it went well, proving that a lot of you can do bitcoin if you’re reminded to do so.

So today I’m going to remind you what you’re donating to: the most popular pro-white publication in history – which remains the most popular, even though we’ve become the most censored publication in all of history.

So basically, when we lost our .com domain, we lost an entire 4-years-long stable Google search-rank history. That means that when people typed “race war” or “white genocide” or tens of thousands of other terms, they got to this website from Google.

For an established site, that kind of traffic tends to make up a huge portion of all traffic. And with us, since we were banned from running social media accounts well before that, it made up about half of our traffic.

All of that traffic is now gone.

So now, virtually all of the traffic is regular readers, who type in the URL, or people who have heard of the site and are looking for it or have been linked to it by friends.

And this regular reader base is bigger than ever before – third party metrics put us almost 3 million monthly uniques, which is where we were on .com – without any of the search traffic.

This underestimates where we are at — as we have other avenues of traffic that don’t get factored into these projections, but it gives you an idea of the humbling scale this publication operates at.

Basically, although it was a huge hassle, becoming infamous by becoming the most censored publication in history massively boosted our readership.

People who had never heard of us before wanted to check us out simply because we had become the victim of this unprecedented shutdown, and they got hooked and started reading regularly.

The purpose of this site is to get as many normies agreeing with our ideas as possible. It is not to form a “movement,” it is to lay the groundwork of widespread public support which will then begin to affect politics.

We want to create a new culture. Because in society, politics are downstream from culture. The culture forms the political landscape.

So if you have millions of people agreeing with far right ideas personally, that naturally begins to shift the political landscape.


When you subscribe to the New York Times or the Wall Street Journal, you are simply paying $20 a month to read their paper.

Here, you should be imagining that you are paying to read the site, but you are also contributing to a cause. You are ensuring that more and more people are getting on board with our ideas by becoming regular readers of this site.

I think we are worth as much as NYT or WSJ, but we’re not going to put up a paywall and charge you all that money (even though we could, and make a lot of money) because the goal of the site is to evangelize to new people, not to be a circlejerk for people who are already on-board with our program.

So, you should think of it as both things: paying for a voluntary subscription, and also paying for us to bring in new people to these ideas.

We are looking to expand. 

We had big plans before Charlottesville, and we are now way behind schedule because of the shutdown – our domain was taken and taken again 20 or so times, and we also lost Hatreon and any other way to directly fund the site through credit cards.

However, we are pushing through with the agenda – just a little bit slower.

As I said, last week’s donation push was great, and if we can keep that momentum going, we’re going to be able to hire new writers, publish more articles, and expand into other language markets.

Right now the most popular articles are my longer pieces, but I don’t really have that much time to write them because I am doing the daily news pieces. Hopefully we can get more people soon to do daily news items, so I can focus on the longer things.

So this is the deal.

The only way we can get money is through crypto currency.



Bitcoin QR code (scan this at the Bitcoin ATM):



Our donations page has a lot more information about the process.

NOTE on COINBASE: As most of you know, the easiest bitcoin exchange to use, coinbase.com, will ban you if you send money to DS. Don't do that. However, if you have a Coinbase account, or want to use that service, you can simply create a phone wallet - I recommend Mycelium, which is in Google Play or the iPhone App Store - send it from Coinbase to that, and then send it to us. It's a ten minute hassle.

I think it is fair that if you are a regular reader, you make a pledge for whatever you can afford. Most mainstream newspapers charge roughly $20 a month, but if you’re broke, do $5 or even $1.

You can do it all at once, for the year, if bitcoin is hard for you.

Annual Subscription Recommendations: 

  • Totally poor: $12
  • Relatively poor: $60
  • Normal: $120
  • Doing pretty good: $500
  • Rich: $5,000
  • Rich af: exactly $6,000,000

This site has been around for five years – anniversary coming up – and I think we’ve proved that we are very efficient at accomplishing our goal, which is to bring in as many new people as possible.

Big Thanks

I want to give a big thanks to everyone who contributed over this last week. It was an incredible thing, to see that amount come in. And obviously, I’m not asking those who already gave to give again – I’m just reminding those who didn’t.

We brought in Luis Castillo, and I’m already in negotiations with another new writer who I think you will all enjoy very much. I’m looking for a third new guy to add in July.

Charlottesville resulted in a big setback, and this is a thing we are dealing with still, but a year on, we are doing extremely well. Better than we ever were.

And we are only going to continue winning.

Hail Victory.