Dallas: Negroid Hitman Gets Death Sentence for Murdering White Dentist

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
November 12, 2018

Kristopher Love.

Who in God’s name would hire a negro hitman?

These people fire their guns sideways!


A Dallas County jury sentenced Kristopher Love, 34, to death for the murder of Dallas pediatric dentist Kendra Hatcher, 35, in an Uptown parking garage in September 2015.

Moments after the jury sentenced Love to death, victim impact statements began.

Kendra Hatcher’s mother talked to Love from the stand and referred to him not by his name, but “executioner,” saying his life will end peacefully “unlike my daughter.’s and for what? Drugs and prostitution money?”

“I want to thank the jury for their verdict. I also want to thank my team of prosecutors for their hard work and dedication in getting justice for the family of Kendra Hatcher,” said Dallas County District Attorney Faith Johnson Wednesday afternoon.

Prosecutors said Hatcher had a new boyfriend who had an obsessive ex, Brenda Delgado. She is accused of hiring Love to ambush and kill Hatcher.

Lead Prosecutor Kevin Brooks said, “Kristopher Love agreed to commit the murder for drugs and money. This was not a crime of spontaneity. This was a premeditated and well planned out crime.”

Kendra Hatcher.