Dan Crenshaw is the Future of the Republican Party Because He Talks Straight

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 1, 2019

I just want everyone to understand that this is a real quote from Dan Crenshaw.

I’m sure if you asked him he’d start saying some weird pseudo-religious mumbo-jumbo. Even though no religious teacher in 2,000 years ever said that statement.

But we all know what it actually means.

It means “I suck Jew dick for money.”

Rot in hell, you goofy cycloptic trash. We do not need another cartoon celebrity politician putting Jews before America.

And if someone is going to make these insane claims about how helping Jews helps America, they need to be able to defend them against actual opposition, i.e., people from the internet.

Which Dan Crenshaw will never do, because he’s a dim-witted dipshit who gets paid money to do what Jews tell him to do.