Dance Criminal? Black Doctor Being Racially Persecuted for Dancing During Surgery

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 3, 2018

I just can’t see how this persecution isn’t racist.

It is a prominent part of black culture to do celebratory dances all the time.

They brought this tradition over from Africa, and created the disco music scene.

Now it’s a crime?


An attorney representing three women in cases against an Atlanta-area dermatologist known for singing and dancing while performing surgery says nearly 100 other women have contacted her office to claim they, too, suffered under the doctor’s scalpel.

In videos once posted to Dr. Windell Boutte’s public YouTube channel, the board-certified dermatologist can be seen singing as she cuts into a patient or rapping and dancing with surgical instruments in hand during surgical procedures. At times, assistants in scrubs sashayed alongside her.

Susan Witt, an attorney representing three women who claim they suffered from Boutte’s work, said close to 100 women reached out to her office in the past week to complain about their results.

Attorney Susan Witt at a recent court appearance

“I’ve had more phone calls and emails than I could respond to,” she said.

Several former patients said they experienced serious post-surgical complications due to infections, according to Witt.

Many of the women claim they were motivated to come forward by Boutte’s apparent lack of care and concern for her patients, Witt said.

Two of the women who came forward

At least two former patients said they identified themselves in the doctor’s videos, according to the attorney.

“I think in this day and age, patients do have to be their own advocate,” Witt said. “This has been a cautionary tale which I believe patients can learn from.”

Boutte’s office has not responded to a request for comment. One of her attorneys, Rod Eason, declined comment and said the doctor is not granting interviews.

It is not simply racist to prosecute this – it’s racist for white-controlled news outlets like CNN to promote this story. By promoting this story, they are making people believe that a black surgeon is not only unqualified and only got their degree through affirmative action (a common anti-black canard), but are left wondering if as soon as they go under, the black doctor will start dancing.

It also reinforces the anti-black canard that dancing while performing surgery is wrong, or could lead to bad surgery.

Dancing is not a crime… except in white supremacist America.

It’s 2018… isn’t it time we learned to respect black culture?