Darn. They’re Hecking Onto Us.

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 20, 2019

For the past six years, I’ve been running an evil program to systematically brainwash teenage boys into believing in themselves, making themselves into good men and fighting for their divine right to inherit the civilization their ancestors built for them.

But the jig might be up.

A progressive mom has caught on – and she’s spreading materials about how to pull teenage boys back from the brink of developing self-esteem.

She has run this highly moral program of destroying a boy’s identity and belief in himself on her own son, and it worked.

I hope dearly that other moms don’t catch onto this.

So, lads.

It’s time to choose.

Will you follow my evil internet path of making yourself into a well developed and strong man, one willing to fight for your own place in the world against a Jewish network of forces trying to destroy you?

Or will you follow the good and moral path of your nagging whore mother, who wants to see you bend the knee before these righteous brown people and analists who want to completely exterminate you?

It’s up to you, lads.

I can only bring you so far.

You ultimately have to make the choice between absolute evil and absolute moral good.

The benefits of my evil path is that you will experience meaning in life and play a role in the power dynamics of the universe.

The benefits of your mother’s righteous path is that you will experience the ultimate pleasure of being brutally sodomized.

Your call.

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