David and Victoria Beckham are the Last White Family

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 4, 2018

Footballer David Beckham and short-time pop star Victoria Adams married nearly 20 years ago, and have raised a family in public view.

The tattoos are cringe, but that is basically “white man tries to stay cool among nigger culture in current year.”

They have certainly both stayed fit and attractive.

They are the closest thing to a “noble” model of a family that currently exists as an acceptable part of mainstream popular culture.

There’s Tom Brady’s family, but he’s generally called a Nazi just for being a white Christian male who supports the President. Barely acceptable in the mainstream.

Furthermore, Brady has a bastard son from a previous relationship, and didn’t marry Gisele until she was 26 and had already had a series of high-profile boyfriend relationships.

But yeah, Tom Brady would be the close second for “wholesome pop culture family.”

Both couples are sportsman/model combos, which present the best of the male and female, aesthetically.

In the future, this type of a family will not be acceptable. It will not be allowed for such families to be featured in tabloids, or gossiped about in a positive way.

Now is the Age of Meghan Markle AKA “Return to the Planet of the Apes.”

The world is investing in this trend, and modern pop stars are picking up on it.

Paki Wife? You Betcha!

The irrelevant former pop star Nick Jonas is making big waves in the tabloids, having just married a Paki.

The ambitious bastard actually had the wedding in India and dressed up in the costume…!

That bitch is also ten years older than him.

When I started seeing all of these stories, I remembered him as being from the Disney boy band “Jonas Brothers,” which I remembered having been parodied on South Park.

Her I did not know, and had to look up. She is an actual “from India” paki – seeing her pictures, I had just assumed she was British-born. She is a local celebrity in that country. So this marriage is an international publicity stunt, which is why you are seeing all of these stories about a vaguely remembered American Disney singer from a decade ago marrying an Indian bitch you’ve never heard of: the marriage itself is the tabloid product.

The Daily Mail tabloid sidebar is all interracial stuff and nigger shenanigans.

Nb4 Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber did just have a high profile marriage to a white girl.

And aside from his obscene tattoos, they’re a handsome couple.

He’s a Christian and said after the marriage that he was going to attempt to devote his life to being more like Christ.

But this isn’t going to work out. Justin Bieber, though a proper Aryan Anti-Semite and nigger-hater, is also a total kook who ends up in complete disaster situations constantly. The tabloids are covering this because it is a disaster waiting to happen.

His wife Hailey is the daughter of Stephen Baldwin.

So the niece of fake Donald Trump.

I understand that famous people people prefer to marry one another, generally, for what are probably self-explanatory reasons – I personally would only be interested in marrying another e-celeb – but marrying into this family was real dumb.

There is absolutely zero chance that these two are going to maintain a decades-long healthy public marriage with kids in the way that the Beckhams did.

I’m predicting total fallout of that marriage pretty rapidly. Also calling it right now: after they break up, Hailey will start dating some person of color.