David French Thinks Immigrants are More American Than Americans!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
July 16, 2019

David French is best-known for having a squished-in droopy pedo face and for adopting a pet niglet to (presumably) rape and abuse, but few people are aware that he also writes op-eds in some rag called National Review.

French recently no doubt read some of Donald Trump’s recent mean tweets directed at the Brownskin wing of the Democrat Party and decided to lash out all over Twitter at White Americans to prove that he’s the goodest of all goys.

Look upon the absolute state of Official Conservatism (r) and despair:

These are simply staggering words for a conservative to write.

It occurs to me that this was the result of a guilty spasm within David French’s cucked out and wretched little weasel soul and more broadly, the cuckservative movement. For years, they’ve refused to support the White majority in the United States, despite benefiting from its support and now, they feel almost impelled to lash out and make their constituents guilty for having expected the conservative movement to ever, in turn, stand up for them!

It was only a matter of time before David French’s guilty id began to manifest itself!

Because it’s getting harder and harder for the cuckservative party to be the party of implicit White interests. The era of Trump has forced them to show their true colors and they’re all trying to backpedal and basically become Liberals to avoid the shame of becoming the White Party. This is an oft-cited cliché, but it really does bear repeating: there is no difference between the Demonrats and the Rethuglicans.

Look, David French and Ilhan Omar both agree that native Americans are worse than immigrants!

Both he and the lady hiding an outlandishly oversized skull under a doo-rag are in total agreement that immigrants are far more American than any pleb whose ancestors sweated and toiled for the country can ever hope to be!

Really, what they’re trying to say is that White people have no place in the new America that the Monoparty is constructing.

David French and the National Review types don’t want to become the party of White interests and are terrified that this change is occurring as the political landscape begins to resemble a low-scale race war. Whites on one side and Obama’s sons on the other. They are terrified at the prospect of Whites voting as a bloc and voting for them because that would be too gauche to even contemplate!

So, they’re starting to cry and lash out, preemptively.

Deep down the cuckservatives would much rather deport Woke Americans than do anything about the problem of mass Third World migration.

It’s just nice to see them finally fessing up to it and being honest now!