Daw Suu Defends Her Proud Buddhist Nation Before UN, Says “Genocide” Claims are a Hoax

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 11, 2019

This “genocide” word is basically just a total hoax.

It gets thrown around like it’s nothing.

Daw Suu was supposed to be an “icon of democracy,” then all of a sudden she’s a genocidal maniac, according to the fickle Jew media.


Myanmar civilian leader Aung San Suu Kyi defended her government from accusations of genocide against the Rohingya community at the United Nation’s top court on Wednesday, calling the allegations “incomplete and misleading.”

Addressing the International Court of Justice (ICJ) at the Peace Palace in the Netherlands, the Nobel Peace Prize winner said that “genocidal intent cannot be the only hypothesis” regarding the Myanmar military’s operations in Rakhine state in the summer of 2017.

More than 740,000 Rohingya to fled into neighboring Bangladesh in 2016 and 2017 during the ensuing violence. Survivors have recounted harrowing atrocities including gang-rape, mass killings, torture and widespread destruction of property at the hands of the Myanmar army.

The violence has been described as genocide by a UN fact-finding commission.

The ICJ case is the first international legal attempt to hold Myanmar accountable for the Rohingya crisis. Based in The Hague, the 15 judges of the ICJ are tasked in part with settling legal disputes between states.

Buddhists from multiple nations gathered outside the UN to stand with Suu against this evil accusation against her.

Buddhists all know the troubles they’ve had with Islamo-savages for the last thousand years.

All of these genocide hoaxes are the same.

There are all of these claims of atrocities, but the only evidence there ever is is “eye-witness accounts.”

There isn’t even any evidence that anyone died. What there is evidence of is that the Rohingya – who are not Burmese – were driven out of the country into Bangladesh because they were terrorists and no one wanted them in the country.

And democracy is the majority deciding, right?

Well, the majority wanted these sickening apes to gtfo.

They’re disgusting and evil and they look like villainous creatures from the Lord of the Rings.

They wouldn’t stop doing terrorism, begging on the streets, and generally making a huge disgusting mess of this nice Buddhist nation, so the military marched them to Bangladesh.

They carried all their stuff.

I’m sure being forced to move sucks, but these are ethnic Bangladeshi Moslems who were guests in Burma, and if they didn’t want to get marched out, they should have been better behaved.

Calling this a genocide is simply a lie and a hoax. Again, like virtually every other claim of genocide in all of history.

Only this one is particularly egregious, as there is literally not even a claim that anyone died.

Daw Suu is an elegant and noble woman, and these people calling her a genocidal maniac are simply filthy Jews.

This whole hoax was fabricated by Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International, which are both totally Jewish organizations.

Ironically – or not – Jews are the ones actually slaughtering Moslems.

The Jewish-orchestrated Iraq war resulted in at least a third of the population being slaughtered. They just shoot kids in Palestine constantly, and bomb them randomly for no reason. They’ve been bombing Syria at random for years.

And they’re going to go get involved with the internal politics of a random third world Asian country and try to drum up an international outcry in defense of terrorism.