DC Episcopalian “Church” Decides God is Gender Neutral, Wants Infinity Mud People

Daily Stormer
February 1, 2018

This is a real thing that actually exists, seriously

The Jewish Jyhad to make the goyim believe Jesus was a pot-smoking, Bernie-voting transgender teletubby continues, and there are more and more shabbos goy eager to help.

Daily Caller:

 The governing body of the Episcopalian Diocese of Washington, D.C., approved measures to adopt gender neutral pronouns for God, embrace transgenderism, and a push for open borders.

These might sound strange if you’re a Nazi, but the Bible already supports these things:

“Thoueth shalteth cuteth your dicketh offeth and calleth yourselfeth a womaneth” – Shemales 66:69

“Thoueth shalteth liveth offeth Whiteyeth’s moneyeth” – Mestizos 12:20

What do you have to say now, bigots?

The 123rd Diocesan Convention of the Episcopal Church in D.C. passed a trifecta of resolutions Saturday to replace all gendered pronouns referring to God with gender neutral pronouns, oppose laws against illegal immigration, and open traditionally gender restricted congregational roles and facilities, like bathrooms, to transgender individuals. The convention, held at the Washington National Cathedral, passed the resolutions within an hour, according to The Institute On Religion & Democracy.

Just an hour? Seriously?

You morons couldn’t even pretend you’re thinking this through?

The resolutions, entitled “On Becoming a Sanctuary Diocese: Offering Sacred Welcome to Immigrants,” “On the Gendered Language for God,” and “On Inclusion of Transgender People,” garnered support from Rev. Kimberly Lucas, who sponsored all three, and Rev. Alex Dyer, who proposed two of the resolutions. Lucas serves as rector of St. Margaret’s Episcopal Church in D.C. and Dyer serves as rector of St. Thomas’ Episcopal Parish in D.C., both of which have suffered a massive decline in member participation within the last decade, according to parochial reports.

For those of you who don’t understand why they’ve had a massive decline in membership:

“Reverend” Alex Dyer(right) with his “husband” and the child they’re molesting

“Reverend” Kimberly Lucas, literal farm animal

No matter how degenerate society as a whole becomes, it’s still much too hard to convince people that these creatures have anything to do with God.

Dyer also garnered attention for installing banners around construction fences depicting Jesus face-palming with sarcastic quips like “The President said what?” and the tagline “a progressive church for a progressive city.”

That’s the cringiest thing I’ve heard in a while.

The D.C. diocese resolved, in their “Sacred Welcome To Immigrants,” to “oppose the policies of the incumbent Executive Branch that target undocumented immigrants for deportation while also placing undue restrictions on refugees seeking safe haven in the U.S.” Those who drafted the resolution said they intended it as a message of solidarity to illegal immigrants within the diocese.

Guess no one at this sick parody of a “Church” ever made it to the “Render unto Caesar…” part.

The diocese also agreed, via the gendered language resolution, to replace all references to the Father and the Son in the Book of Common Prayer with gender neutral pronouns, a move which some theologians decry as undermining the theology of the Trinity, that is one of the central tenets of Christianity. The resolution’s authors argued, in contrast, that “our current gender roles shape and limit our understanding of God.”

Rev. Linda R. Calkins, a diocesan delegate and proponent of the resolution, also urged the diocese to consider adopting the “The Inclusive Bible: The First Egalitarian Translation,” that removes all gender specific pronouns for God from scripture.


God created White Sharia precisely for bitches like these

Calkins attempted to justify her position by arguing that El Shaddai, one of the Hebrew names for God in the Old Testament, really means “God with breasts.”The actual meaning of El Shaddai is widely debated among biblical scholars, as the most popular interpretation is “God Almighty,” though other historical translations come out to “God the Destroyer,” “God of the Mountain,” or “The God who is sufficient.” Scholars adhering to the “breasts” translation actually interpret the name as a depiction of God giving blessings of nourishment and fertility, rather than literally ascribing feminine qualities to God.


Parishes within the diocese will also “remove all obstacles to full participation in congregational life by making all gender-specific facilities and activities fully accessible, regardless of gender identity and expression,” according to the resolution on embracing transgender individuals.

I’m sure all the 20 or so people who still attend your kosher insane asylum will appreciate it.

It’s good that fewer and fewer people are listening to these cockroaches, but them just existing shows a sickness in all of us.

There is no minimally sane society, even one with zero Christians, where this insanity would be tolerated.

And it won’t be tolerated for much longer, I assure you…